August 17, 2013

Tat, Tat, Tat it up! The story behind my ink.....

As I write this post I have the song "Tatt it Up" by D4L in my head!

"Tat-Tat-Tat-Tat-Tat-Tat-Tatted Up, Tat-Tat We Tatted Up, Tat-Tat Errbody Tatted Up"

Today I caught up on my blog reading and saw that my friend Jazzy, who blogs over at Oh Hey Jasmine did a fun link up with Tori over at Styled Like A Rockstar on tattoos! Although I'm a little late! I did not want to miss the opportunity to talk about my ink on such a fun link up!

the question is... What tattoo is your favorite and why?
Great question! However I LOVE all my tatts! (I have been inked 4 times!) All of them have a special meaning to me, documenting something that has happened in my life. Today I want to share to you the two that mean the most to me!

My left wrist:

Aww, this one just makes me smile everytime I look down! That sloppy hand writting belongs to my papa (my mom's dad)! Im very close with my maternal grandparents! They had a huge part of helping us grow up! We not only lived with them twice while we moved and built homes, instead of going to daycare, my nana and papa watched us! Im so blessed to be so close with them!

The Story Behind The Ink:
At our favorite campground, there is a path called "The GoatMan Trail" where a man (who you guessed it half man/half goat!) Haunts anyone who takes the trail! As children growing up, we took the path several times, late at night, with only the moon to light our way! Leaving us spooked out of our minds! (Which we now know, was our parents hiding in the woods) ohh to be young and naive!  My papa continued the fun by writing notes on a sticky note to each my sisters and I from "the goatman" which he would stick to our trailer before we awoke each morning!
(Sadly I don't have a note to show, as they are all packed in my memory box)
My notes would start with the name "StarGirl" (which was my screen name back in the days of AIM chat in middle school) He would then draw two stars next to it. Leave some comment, and then sign it GM with 4 "hoof prints" (similar to what the number four looks like on a dice!)
One day as I was packing reorganizing the basement, I came across a GoatMan note and thought to myself, I want this tattooed on me! I want my papa to know how special he and his memories are to me! I will always treasure him and all that he and my nana have done for us! (side note, i will be getting  a tattoo in honor of my nana, I just need to find the perfect idea)

My left thigh:

The Story Behind The Ink:

As most of you know, My dad and I were in a terrible car accident in 2007 that nearly took our lives!
(Not sure what im talking about.. check out this post here (it's near the bottom))

I got this tattoo on April 11th 2008, exactly one year after the accident! It fits perfectly in the gap near my burn! Right below the picture is my knee cap, this burn takes up my whole left thigh, and right knee cap! This is where the muffler burned through my skin (4th degree burns) there was nothing left of it when they lifted the car up. over time and with multiple surgery's and skin graphs the hole has been filled! It was a no brainer that I wanted something that represented that tragic day right near my burn, so people would look at the tattoo and not at my horrific legs!

Each piece of this tattoo has a special meaning!
The symbolic meaning of the rose is love! (Pink flower, bottom left) Without the love of my dad under the car, the love of my family & friends helping me through! I wouldn't have been able to fight this battle!

The symbolic meaning of the hibiscus tattoo is delicate beauty! (Red flower, top left) Being a young 18 year old girl, with huge burns overtaking my legs was overwhelming! I was very insecure! To hear all the snickering, and stares took a long time to get over! It was time to turn to the inside beauty as I no longer felt beautiful in my skin!
Id also like to take a moment to point out how amazing my husband (then boyfriend) was to not run from me and my new "uglyness" he embraced the new me, and didn't think twice about it! I couldn't imagine how hard it would have been to do the whole dating thing, knowing how self conscious I was about my appearance and what others think of my legs!
I've finally accepted the fact that this is the new me, these are my legs, and those burns are my battle wounds! Im lucky to be alive, let alone able to walk! These wounds will tell the story of my survival!

The symbolic meaning of the carnation tattoo is peace, truth & spirituality! I can't describe to you, the "out of this world" feeling that had come over me in the hour underneath that car! I believe as I laid there in and out of it, that my soul was preparing to leave this world. It was as if I was watching this horrific nightmare through the eyes of another. Snip-bits of my life would flash before my eyes as if I was watching the last 18 years on a movie screen, with a bright white light in the background! I felt no pain, felt safe, & warm! Suddenly I'd hear my dads voice, and remember how real this nightmare was it. I believe that if it wasn't for my dad keeping me focused on surviving I would have shut down and gave into the other side. God & My father pushed me to fight for my life! I was meant to be a mother, marry my best friend, and to share my story! I was meant to live this life to the fullest!

All though the swallow bird has many meanings, I chose to get it inked for the meaning of "returning home" No matter how far away the swallow bird fly's, they always return home! As much as it would have been easy to shut down and give up, I pushed to stay concious. I needed to return home to my loved ones and my life!

The blue background and snowflakes represent the snowstorm on that fateful april morning!

Thanks again Tori for the awesome link up! 
Do you have a tattoo that means something special to you? Share it with me! Id love to hear about it:)

X's & O's


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