August 13, 2013

Busy Weekend at the Adam's

Happy Tuesday!!!
I can't believe it's Tuesday! Monday flew by for me! I had the morning off with my babes, dropped kal off at camp in the afternoon, headed to work with brynnie in the afternoon and then left work early for my monthly lia meeting! Tried to write my post, and you guessed it! My eyelids won again ;)
So here I am, posting yet another weekend update on Tuesday!

I came home from my mom's house with just Kal (Brynnie stayed to enjoy some more meme & pepa time) and the hubby enjoyed a pre-season packer game with his mom! After kal and I ran a couple errands, we ended up at home to enjoy some yummy Culver's for dinner and a date with his bedroom! It was time to switch his "jungle safari nursery" into a "superhero boy bedroom" As much as I hated packing up the baby stuff! It was so fun to see him enjoy the change!
I won't share alot on the bedroom, because once I put on the finishing touches on (hopefully Thursday) I will share it all in a post!'s a sneak peek....

Thumbs up from my little superhero!

As if the night wasn't monumental enough, Kal decided that he wanted to watch the "goosebump" movies that I had hidden in the back of the movie cabinet! Talk about coming full circle! I enjoyed watching those as a child and here I am watching them with my son, in his new big boy bedroom! He's going to be a horror fan....just like his mama :) (& dada)

This is his favorite goosebumps movie! We have probably watched it 6 times since fri night!

Kal and I hit up some morning garage sales!!!! Found clothes for .25 & .50! LOVE those kinds of sales!!! I also found a ladybug bathroom set that I'm going to use in Baby B's nursery! Yes.. I have FINALLY decided how I want it to look like after nearly 1.5 years! Look for a post on that soon (probably next week)!

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed ourselves at my cousins wedding! It was a beautiful reception at a  golf course! Kal and I both enjoyed our dinners! We had chicken strips and french fries! YES that's right, I ordered a kids meal! and damn proud since everyone complained about how nasty their food was! The hubs told me he wish he had ordered a kids meal! haha! and little Miss B! Well she inhaled everything put in front of her! Most times she wouldn't even wait for you to rip it up, instead she would just grab it from your hands!

My  adorable little man! Kal

Me and Baby B! She was so beautiful!

You know it's an awesome wedding the shoes come off for dancin'

Enjoyin' a kitty cocktail, better known as "pop"

Sissy enjoying the fruit at dinnertime!

My handsome hubs! Love that not only will he dance with me, when "our" song came on 
(Forever and Ever, Amen by Randy Travis)
He sung the whole song to me in my ear <3 

We stayed until late that night, around 11pm we finally decided to take off! Sadly the only reason we decided to leave was because I caught two little girls push Kal down to the ground, screamed at him "Go AWAY, We do NOT want to play with you" and slammed the door on his face!!! Oh wee, was I pissed! I immediately went up to them and told them that it was ok to use your words but don't ever push someone. Kal has problems communicating (he has a language delay) and only thought you two were playing with him! Can be talk about blood boiling! My god he is 4 years old and is already being bullied, makes me just sick to think about the future that lies ahead of him! I did let the bride know, who immediately went up to her sister to inform her what they had done! Before we could even get out the door the little girls were apologizing for the way they acted!

We were lazy!! Alan took the kids grocery shopping, while I ran to Walmart to buy last minute things we needed and a birthday gift! We grabbed a quick lunch on our way back home, wrapped up our gift, (procrastination at it's finest) and headed to our friends little man's birthday party! Ry turned 5!
The kids of course enjoyed themselves, and Kal tired himself out with all the running around!
After the party we did baths, enjoyed a snack and headed to bed! It was an early night for all of us with such an eventful weekend!

A few awesome NEW stories/milestones to share!

.... now pushes cars around on the floor and imitates car noises! Silly baby! She's gonna love cars like her brother!
.... has learned how to cluck her tongue! And is now doing it all the time!
.... is perfecting her walking and barely crawls!
.... has also decided that when she cant walk, she will "crawl" on all fours! She is the fastest little thing! Reminds me of a monkey! Hoping to catch it on video to share with you!

.... has learned to drink straight from the jug of milk!
I had my back turned to the kitchen while cleaning up the living room. I hear the fridge open and asked Kal what he was doing! He responded "milk" I turn around to go grab him a sippy to see the cap on the ground and him chugging straight from the jug! And all I could think, was how much he looked like his dada! (and that I needed my camera, which of course I missed)
.... has also really been into army men, and setting up battle scenes and using his imagination in play!
It's so awesome to watch him get excited for little things like that!


Silly Story!
Kal is now conveniently long enough to reach across the back seat to pick on his sister! During one of our drives, he decided he was going to reach for her pink dog on her lap and throw it up into the front passenger seat!!! After I reached for it to hand back to her! I told Kal "All done, we are NOT throwing her toys around" Nearly 10 minutes later, we arrived at our destination! I opened the car door to grab for sissy from her car seat! She immediately locked eyes with me, pointed to her dog, and then pointed to Kal!!! I was jaw-dropped to witness her at just 13 months old, Tattling on her brother!!! Really?!? One?! and then to remember it for nearly 10 minutes! No doubt about it! I got a diva on my hands already! ohyoyoyo

Well! That's all that is new here! How was your weekend? Was it eventful like ours, or did you enjoy down time?

X's & O's,


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