LoveBug Brynn

Meet Our Littlest LoveBug Brynn

Our precious baby girl was born to us on

June 19th 2012

7lbs 1oz, 19.5 inches long


Getting to know Our Little Miss:

MOMMY WON the name battle!!!! I have LOVED the name Brynn since being a little girl and always knew it would be the name of my daughter ;) Besides Kal is named after his daddy, it was only fair that mommy got to pick out her baby girls name!

Continuing the trend of Jamaican middle names! We selected Lily! It means "tiny little thing" Perfect for our sweet baby girl! 

Mommy's favorite little bug is a lady bug! Which is where the name "LoveBug" comes from!

Her nursery was hand painted by daddy (in fact our whole house was)! The theme is Simply Sweet! The bedding is a Cupcake pattern (from Shopko!) The nursery was completed with "made from love" crafts to add to the decor! Customized letters, cupcake liner wreath, and adorable cupcake artwork for the walls!

These are a few of her favorite things:
*to be held  *shake her rattle  *watch her big brother  *stare at lights  *stroller rides  *mamas singing *country music  *be swaddled  *mamas chest  *car rides  *babbling  
*water (pools & baths - another little fish in the adams household)   

Brynn and her Brother Kal were almost born on the same day!!! They had plans to induce me! Sadly they decided they were going to wait another week for the induction! We were truly bummed. My sister Molly and I are both born on August 20th, 3 years apart! Brynn and her brother could have both been born on June 13th, 3 years apart! Silly doctors had to ruin that! Now they are 6 days apart!

Brynn is a sweet baby girl! She smiles when she recognizes you and coos all day long (her stories are beautiful)! It's amazing to watch her grow everyday into her own little person!

To My Brynnie:

i'll love you forever
i'll like you for always
as long as i'm living my baby you'll be
Mommy Loves You to the Moon and Back 


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