Cowboy Kal

Meet Cowboy Kal

He thinks he's a real life cowboy!!!

This precious baby boy was born to us on

June 13th 2009

7lbs 10oz, 19 inches long


Fun Facts About KAL:

Kal was a blessing sent from the heavens! We sadly miscarried a baby with the due date of June 30th. After a year of heartache and trying for a baby, we were blessed to hear the news we were pregnant with Kal! He too had the due date of June 30th! It was like the world was telling me it was ok to move on!

He was named after his daddy "Alan" Instead we wanted it to be unique so we added the K and changed the second A to an E to end up with Kalen! It's perfect! It's him!

His middle name is Irie ;) The jamaican word for everything is good! We were married in Jamaica in 2008. 9 months later! little kal was born! It was only fair that his middle name had something to do with the beautiful island! Now both babies have "Jamaican" middle names!

Silly fact: Kals initials are K.I.A (just like the car that mommy drives)

His favorite friend is his stuffed "Woody" doll! Look out Andy! Woody has a new best friend!

These are a few of his favorite things:
*cows or also known in our household as moomoo's  *woody  *toystory  *tangled  *cars  *choochoos  *chugginton  *dinosaur train *mickey mouse clubhouse  *OUTSIDE  *water(pools, tubs, swimming lessons, lakes) He is a little fish!  *boomboom's  *"peza"  *OUTSIDE ;)   *"Baby"

Kal and his sister Brynn were almost born on the same day!!! They had plans to induce me! Sadly they decided they were going to wait another week for the induction! We were truly bummed. My sister Molly and I are both born on August 20th, 3 years apart! Kal and his sissy could have both been born on June 13th, 3 years apart! Silly doctors had to ruin that! Now they are 6 days apart!

Kal has a vivid imagination that continues to impress me! His adventurous, on the go attitude has allowed us to experience so much in such a short amount of time! 
I can't wait to see the person that he becomes! 

To My Kalers:

i'll love you forever
i'll like you for always
as long as i'm living my baby you'll be
Mommy Loves You to the Moon and Back


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