August 19, 2013

WaterParks & Birthdays! A few of my favorite things!

Can I get a wooh-hoo for a Weekend Update on Monday and Not on a Tuesday or a Wednesday :)
And what a weekend we had!

Saturday we took a trip to the Wisconsin Dells (The largest water-park capital of the world) As much as I think WI is quite boring to live in, I'm very thankful that we are less then an hour away from the dells! It makes summer that much more exciting knowing there are tons of water parks near us!

Saturday we chose to go to Noah's Ark! We meet up with Alan's step sister Jeannie, Her hubby Ray (he is the godfather to both kal and Brynn) and their son Jon! For those of you that don't follow the blog regularly, Jon is 5 years old and is Kals "Best Friend" Sadly Jon lives an hour away so we don't see him very often!

Saturday morning we dropped off Brynnie with Grandma (Alan's Mom) and left town about 10am!
We meet up with Jeannie, Ray & Jon about 11! The rest of the day was spent in the water & sun (perfect 80 degree day) Sadly the water was freezing from all the chilly days we have had the last couple weeks. The poor kiddos would shiver if they were in for to long, thankfully the sun was hot to warm us up!

1) Enjoying some time with the hubby! He has been working so hard this summer I feel like I barely see him!
2) Kal wore his goggles the whole way up! He was READY! Sadly he missed the bag when putting them back in, so they sat in the car the whole day :/
3) Kal was so excited to get there! His new favorite word is "water park"
4) Alan with Kal & Jon! Drinking the most expensive (non-alcoholic) drinks ever!!!! The soda jug kal is holding was $11 and every refill was .99!!! And Jon's slushy was $10! INSANE!
5) Kal and I enjoying our lunch in the parking lot!!

After almost 7.5 hours we were watered out! We decided to change and head out to dinner with Jeannie, Ray & Jon! (They were buying for my birthday present...Can't turn that down) We enjoyed our favorite pizza place in the Dells called "Pizza Pub", which is conveniently right across the street from Noah's Ark! Their pizza is so good! We also choose to add on the salad bar! It is only a couple dollars more, and offers an amazing salad, LOTS of toppings, two soups, several different breads, chips & dessert!!! YUMM!!

After dinner it was time to say good-bye!

Good-Bye's with Jon are always hard! Thankfully we will be seeing them in two weeks for the "Color Me Rad" 5K coming to town :)

On the way out of town we decided to stop by Tanger Outlet Mall! They have both the Disney Store & Carters (both of which we don't have in town) 

Sadly we only had an hour before they closed! But I made the best of it! Because I'm a mall member (best $10 I ever spent "for life") I got a coupon book, 4 20% off coupons on 4 items! and a free $15 to Tommy, a free shopping stroller, and a $10 Visa gift card for my birthday!! If you have a Tanger near you, I HIGHLY recommend becoming a member! Again well worth the one time fee of $10! It pays for itself with the visa gift card I  got back!  

Of course I HAD to spend my coupons! I could even use them on sale items!! Bonus :)
Brynnie got a cute lady bug dress and owl jammies from carters!
She also got some pooh bear jammies, and Kal picked out Hulk Jammie's and a new plane from Disney!
Of course we had to stop at Tommy to spend my FREE $15!!  I found a dress on clearance for 60% off! Plus my $15... brought my lovely dress down to $12.99! I Love a good deal!
(Pictures later as I'm saving it for my birthday)

On the way home we passed the campground where family was staying. We stopped for several hours to enjoy the awesome company and a fire!! Kal was so tired he fell asleep on his blanky and pillow, right on the ground!! 

Once we finally arrived home at 2am! We walked in to find the whole place decorated for my birthday, thanks to my awesome Mother-In-Law!

Pink and Purple are my FAVORITE colors! Streamers dangled from the ceiling, 25 balloons were blown up (Ill be 25 Tuesday) A Happy Birthday Banner over the fireplaces and birthday signs on the doors around the house! So Sweet! I was very touched!

We headed over to the in-laws for a cookout to celebrate my (early) birthday and to pick up Brynnie!

My MIL prepared burgers, corn on the cob & mashed potatoes! It was so good! 

1)Kal and Brynn playing as we waited for food! Little B thought she was so funny wearing mommies flip flop! Haha!
2) Brynn enjoyed all our food! Kal, well he barely ate lunch! Silly kiddo!

After lunch we enjoyed a DQ blizzard cake! My FAVORITE! 

Sadly there was only a Hulk cake left!! Kal was so excited, he thought it was his birthday! It was delish and that's all that matters! 

After cake we all went home to enjoy nap time! We passed out about 2 hours! I sure do love a refreshing Sunday nap!!!

After nap I made a yummy Chicken, Bacon & Rice dinner (watch for the recipe on the blog soon) It was so good! Everyone enjoyed it! 

After dinner both the littles enjoyed bath, jammies and bed!

1) Brynnie in her new owl Jammies!! I couldn't resist! I love Owls!
2) Kal dressed in his superhero gear! Silly spiderman/ironman combo! Loved It!
(I couldn't get him in his hulk jammies, he was "too hot")

So how was your weekend? 

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    1. It was SO Yummy! And my son got to keep the hulk! It was a win for everyone :)