May 4, 2013

day 3: My Parents

WOW! What a day! Sorry for such the late post! I'm hoping yet that I can even post this tonight and that my eyelids don't overtake my body and put me into sleep mode! I'm beat, as soon as Kal got off the bus we headed over to "work" I nanny for 4 kids! 3,4,6,7! Plus I bring my two! That's right 6 kids! However usually I only have all 6 of them for about 30 minutes from the lap of the girls getting off the school bus and Kal waiting for dada to pick him up! Well today that was out the window! The hubs had to go do a side job, and their dad had to stay late at work! SO all 6 kids for 3.5 hours! YIKES!
Thankfully I got to come home, take a short nap and relaxed a bit before going out with my cousin for some "mommy time"

So, on with today's post! Tomorrow morning will come early! It's the first neighborhood garage sale of the season, and I can't wait for it! I'm a bargain hunter and LOVE finding GREAT stuff, CHEAP!

Day 3 of the Challenge!

Describe your relationship with your parents.

I'm so thankful to tell you that overall I have a great relationship with both of my parents! My parents have been together for 25 years (just a year older then me) They are a great couple, and I'm glad that I had them to role model a relationship for me growing up! Don't get me wrong, they have definitely had their arguments! But what couple doesn't? The important part is how they work thru it and continue to communicate with each other!

Relationship with my mom! 

My mom is my best friend! I LOVE it! My mom knows almost every detail of my life (no I'm not comfortable talking about my sex life in detail with her) for silly sakes, I'm her little girl! (props to you if you and you mom can talk about your sex life) 
My mom has always been my friend. She has always been an open book, someone who I could trust with all my information, someone who didn't judge and someone who was always available! But when things went south (bad grades, mean to my sisters, etc) My mom knew how to hold her ground, stay firm, And be a parent first! 
Now that I'm a mom I respect her even more for how she raised us! Just like any parent, she put her children first! I hope my children know that I'm a mom first, and a friend second!
Most importantly that, I will be there to listen (big or small) whatever their needs may be!

Relationship with my dad!

Good! I was the first born out of three girls! Clearly I became quiet the daddy's girl over all my younger years! Side Note: Growing up my dad had 3 sisters, the only Male Model he had was his dad! My dad is also retired from the Army! Making his demeanor really serious! All though I'm not as close to my dad, as I am my mom! I talk with him, watch TV shows with him, We both share a love for BREWERS and BASEBALL and he knows that I'm forever his little girl! He is there when ever I need him! He is the perfect Mr. Fix It (unlike the hubs) I call my dad if anything is broken, I also call my dad for outside help! He is a great landscaper! He is helping me outside my house this year with my curb appeal! He also knows how to build. He will be helping me build things (ie. cubbies) for my daycare that I will be opening! and in 10 years when it comes time to add on to the house!  (we have a ranch style house and want to add a second level) He will help me draft up the plan and put it into action! (He has built 2 homes in the past)
 Lastly he is great with my kids! He gets on the ground and plays with them, cares for them and really shows his love for them!
Most importantly I'm thankful and blessed for my father! Not sure what I'm talking about? Read Here! (the story is towards the end of he post, it starts underneath the picture of my cousin and I at the brewer game) 6 years ago my father and I were in a DEADLY Accident! We are only here because we survived off of each other! He is my hero, and I wouldn't have my life or my family if my dad wasn't with my on that fatal day! 

I'm so thankful for BOTH my parents!  

Now that my eyelids have taken over and Ive done countless number of head bobs and deleting random words from falling asleep typing.... it's off to bed! See you tomorrow for Day 4 of the Challenge! 

Have a Great Weekend

X's & O's


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