May 2, 2013

Weekly Faves

YAY! Linking up with Jaz and Natalie! For the second week of 

The Weekly Faves

Weekly Faves (1)

Here's What I'M Digging this week :)

1) Mountain Dew! Umm yeah! Addicted! I need at least one a day! Seriously this stuff is my "coffee" An ice cold mountain dew sounds great! (except with breakfast....I'm not that addicted)

2) Jogging Stroller: Mine is a Jeep! Love it! I try to get out with Brynn while Kal is at school, and then walk again with the family once we are all home from work! The stroller is so light weight, and EASY to push! I don't jog with it, But I must say... I'm an excellent speed walker ;) Look out old granny mall walkers this mama's coming thru!

3) The iphone! I personally can't live without it! I have this phone in my hand thru most of the day! Interesting fact! Making a phone call is generally the (5th thing) you do on your phone! umm.. TRUE! First and foremost My phone is a camera, I of course use facebook (2) and twitter (3)! Snapchat (4) and Candy Crush (5) don't forget texting and emailing! Yeah! those are all things I do over calling with my phone! ha! 

4) Snapchat! Kind of the best app EVER! I love it! Not sure what it is? Oh where the hell have you been! You snap a silly photo and send it off to friends! Except the best part is that they can only see it for 10secs! and I have the best snap chat buddies! They keep me highly entertained through out the day! 

5) Instagram! Like I said! LOVE LOVE LOVE! taking photos! Love this app, not only does it have the different effects, I love that you can hashtag and meet new friends and followers!

6) Candy Crush! Need I say more! My mom got me addicted! I currently have been stuck on level 37 for at least a WEEK now! I swear every time I play it that I'm going to "Give up on this stupid game" but as soon as my lives are back I'm right back on it! Its a bittersweet love ;)

7) Comfy Capri's! Now that the weather is warmer, my yoga pants have switched to athletic capri's! Something that is cooler but just as comfy! I chase 4/6 kids around most days and I want to be as comfortable as possible! My favorite brand is Danskin!

8) Flats: One word! Love! Easy to put on, stylish and feel good! Goodbye boots hello flats ( I need another pair as soon as there is a sale!

9) Mary Kay! If you read my posts earlier in the week you would know that my friend started selling! We let her try a "practice" party on us! Ive NEVER used Mary Kay and am in love! It feels great, comes off easy, looks pretty and the BEST PART... it lasts ALL Day!

10) Pink!! I adore her! Her music is beautiful and all her songs have a strong message behind them! I Heard her song "Just Give Me A Reason" Touching! I'm not sure what it is that pulls me in, But I love the fact that she is trying to work it out! So many people these days choose to run in their relationships because it's easier! Here's a bit of the song!

Just give me a reasonJust a little bit's enoughJust a second we're not broken just bentAnd we can learn to love again
It's in the starsIt's been written in the scars on our heartsThat we're not broken just bentAnd we can learn to love again
So WHAT is everyone loving this week?   X's & O's            Jenn
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  1. Yesssss to the iPhone! I use mine mainly for the camera (Oh who am I kidding, I use it for stalking on social media apps and texting and phone calls, too :) ha ha!) but I've never tried snapchat!
    Instagram is my FAVORITE!
    I need a freakin' jogging stroller stat! It's killing me running with our normal one!

  2. I need my iphone. Or I swear I will die without it. I am stuck on level 27 right now and it's making me super duper mad. Lately Instagram has gotten boring for me. I am a twitter whore now. Like in a bad way. And I just watched Pinks video for that song. I love how she always has Carey in there. It's good to see that she's making out and cuddling with her husband other than some random dude I have seen other singers do.

    Thanks for linking up!