April 24, 2013

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Weekend Warrior

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So here it is!!! What we did this weekend! Are you wondering if we made it thru that bedroom straight out of an episode of hoarders?! Not sure what I'm talking about! Read my Friday post here!

So just a recap!!! Here it is! Our horrific room that basically became our dumping zone of misc crap! Also known as our bedroom! (No we were not staying in here we ended up moving our mattress to Brynnie's room on the floor and shut the door to this disaster!) I liked to pretend it wasn't there ;) 

Thankfully we had no plans this weekend! So we sent the kids out to meme's (my moms) and worked! And man oh man did we work!


Action Plan: Was to pull everything out! Once we pulled it out we were putting it into organized piles! ex: Christmas decor, Easter decor, clothes, gift wrap, etc etc! You name it, it was in there! The bedroom looked great by the end of Friday night! But not so much the kitchen/dining room or the living room!
the kids left at 7pm! Alan and I grabbed some dinner and started at about 8pm (he went to bed around 1130 (he had class for work early sat am) I went to bed at 230ish!

 Saturday I got up at about 730 and started back up again at 8am!
Alan got home from his class at about 1130 and made us lunch! Tacos..YUM! We ate at around noon, and then the hubs decided he needed a nap ;) Must be nice! I kept on cleaning! What a nice wifey I'am!

Soo Here it is....
Drum Roll PLEASE!!!
TaDa ;)

Here's my favorite spot in my room: My Bloggy Chair! 

The Master Bathroom! I don't have before pictures! BUT it was just as bad as the bedroom! Now... not only is it clean! It's organized!

And do I mean ORGANIZED! Here is a closer photo of the closet! Each item has their OWN basket!
Top shelf: All my hair products, then my toothbrush, toothpaste and mouth wash are laying out (easy to grab), my two brushes are in a basket, and then my bobby pins are in the clear container, the hair ties go onto the "toilet paper roll holder thingy" and all my headbands and fancy hair pieces go into the glass bowl!
Second Shelf: Basket of body wash, Lotion lined up, Perfume lined up and in a basket (the stuff I wear more often I lined up) also a basket of face wash, deodorants and a chapstick basket!
Bottom Self: Makeup and My tub tray (holds your book and a glass of wine ;) one of my favorite wedding shower gifts!
Not Pictured! the two Higher shelf houses all our meds (which are unorganized) I did see a pin where she had them all sorted into categories "runny nose, cold, sore throat," Etc! I will be doing this to our meds shelf! So it is much easier then looking at each bottle at the time of being sick! 
I also have a container of sunscreen and bugsray on the highest shelf as its only seasonal (and summer feels so far away with the crap weather in WI)
On the bottom shelf is my ladies basket...you know! Our monthly products ;)

Here is the awesome closet! 
Love our walk in! So big! Again! No before picture, but just as bad as the bedroom!

And look what happens when you clean your closet! You find old pictures from highschool!
YES! Alan and I are highschool sweethearts!
1st Picture: Alan and I in 2003 the year we started dating! 2003! He was a Senior (17) I was a Sophomore (15)
2nd Picture: My lucky poker chip that I made on a vaca to vegas! That's baby Kal at 9 months old! Coolest things Ive ever got made! Ill have to vaca again to have one done of Brynnie ;)
3rd Picture: My Junior Highschool Prom! Alan (18) was away in the Navy! (He got leave for my prom,   AWWW) and I was a junior (16)

So with us back in our room! That mean that Brynnie got her room back! Nothing to exciting yet ;) I haven't really decorated her nursery the way I want! We will be finishing it up in the next couple weeks! Butterflies, Owl, Ladybugs, Outdoorsy, Sweet, Gardney is the look that I'm going for!
I Can't wait!

Here is the hallway ;) Proof that it isn't still all sitting there! 
The first picture is Kal playing his favorite game with sissy! Following the leader ;)
The second picture is taken from the kitchen, looking into the dining room space, the living room and that's our bedroom on the left!

So there it is! It feels so good to be back in our bedroom! I did figure it out! The kids were gone for 36 hours and I cleaned for 31! YES! You heard that right! I cleaned for a solid 25 hours the second day! 
8pm fri -2am sat (6.5)
8am sat -9am sun (25hours)
Of course I'm not counting potty breaks and time to sit down and eat! 

I did nap from 9am -1130am before the kiddos got home and we enjoyed a lunch date with one of my Best Friends <3 (I also enjoyed a 1.5 nap later in the day thanks to the hubs)

Of course when the kids came home from a weekend of meme's house they had new toys ;)
 Meme loves to spoil her babies! 
1st Picture: Kal with his beyblades! It's basically a fancy metal spinner toy and you put them into a arena and they battle each other! Last one standing is the winner!
2nd Picture: Kal's newest addiction! Superheros! He especially loves the Avengers!

Brynnies NEW Princess Walker from meme! She loves it and looks so cute in it ;)

And YES! Alan and I did get to go see Evil Dead as a treat to ourselves for getting the bedroom done! It was a good movie! Very creepy, and pretty gory (had to turn away at a couple points) I liked it and can't wait to watch it again once it comes out! 

And Kal of course enjoyed the popcorn that we bought home! He LOVES Popcorn! 

Whew! What a weekend! How was yours?

X's & O's


  1. i remember the good old days back in hs with you and alan. lol CUTE!

    1. RIGHT! Oh hs! to be young and careless again!! Its hard to believe that october will be 10 years together! but at the same time, i can't believe it's only been ten years! lol! THANKS

  2. Holy crap! There was a room in there! Great job! :D