April 27, 2013

Hello Weekend!

Whew! SO thankful it is the weekend!

Thursday & Friday have been a whirlwind! Late hours at work! Kal and I made a "about me" project for his teachers practicum student who has chosen to observe Kal and write a paper on him that she will present to her class! Kind of excited that he was chosen! And I got a large tutu order! My friend was bowling in a Breast Cancer Awareness Tournament and I made her and her team (4 ladies) all tutu's and 2 of their kiddos! Super fun, but a ton or work! It consumed me the last couple days! WHEW

But now it's the friggen weekend! and i'm jumpin' town! Brynnie and I are off to my mom's for a nice relaxing 2 days at the cabin! Can't wait to walk to trails and be in quietness away from the city!

Kal and the hubs are having a guys weekend! Kal's cousin Jon is coming into town and so they will be spending alot of time with him!

What are you up to this weekend? What ever it is! ENJOY!

X's & O's


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