April 22, 2013

To Blog Or Not To Blog?!?

WELL Bloggy friends and readers! The title of today's post says it all! To blog or Not to blog? That is the question that weighs on my mind today!
Recently Ive been told that my blog "isn't very successful and that I need to find a purpose... a reason to blog!" All though I know she said it with good intentions, it hurt! It probably hurt worse then it should have because to me.... it's obvious! I know that my blog isn't successful, and to be quite honest I wish that it was! I have now been blogging since October (6 Months) and my blog is no where, where I would like it to be! After her words set in, I thought to myself.... I'm a busy mama to two littles, I work 2 jobs, I'm a house wife who hates a dirty house, plus I try to have somewhat of a social life with my friends and family! Where in the hell is there time to blog? Is the blog even worth keeping? Why do i blog? Do others feel the same way? Do people even enjoy reading my posts? (you know... the typical blogger questions)
and here it is!


I LOVE my blog! I'm proud of my blog, and I'm proud of what I write on the blog! I'm NOT however proud of how I run my blog! This is where I fail TERRIBLY! I don't make time for my blog! I let my life get in the way! Over the last 6 months I have written 35 posts! That's not even 6 posts a month!! You as my followers and readers, and My blog deserve better then that! So what am I going to do about it? How am I going to get my blog where I want it? That's the REAL question today! After much thinking I've come up with a plan!

I NEED to TAKE TIME to blog!
Just like kiddos (or animals, or hell anything in life for that matter) If you don't take care of it, spend time with it, nurture it! It won't grow! The blog isn't going to grow if I don't make time for it!! Although its easy to say that "I'm going to make time" doing it is what is really going to count! So starting tonight! and every night! (except fridays and saturdays) I'm going to blog!! I'm taking time for myself, I'm getting my life into a schedule and making me and my blog a priority instead of an accessory! Usually the kiddos stay up just as late as me, and if they do go to bed "early" Im then frantically putting my house back together from the tornado called the "adams kids"! This will now be my bloggy time! Time for me to spend one on one, with no "mama's" or huddling over top a new crawler seeing the troubles she's getting into! Im looking forward to having a set one-on-one time with the computer and my blog!!

Hops - LinkUp! 
You name it, Im going to take part in it! No matter how much I post, a blog won't be discovered if you don't introduce yourself! There are some link-ups that I love our there, but because I don't take time to do them, I miss out on them! I look forward to blog hopping and reading others posts, I LOVE reading the daily posts, and seeing who is all out there in the bloggy world! 

Hosting a LinkUp!
My IRL friend Jazzy who blogs over at Sassy Brunette and I have been throwing back and forth some ideas for a link up that we want to host together! And I think we finally have a winner... Ill let you in on a Sneak Peek! It may have something to do with our sweet tooth, and our love for baking! Stay tuned ;)

Button Swap!
I've recently signed up for a passion fruit account! With that said Im looking to Swap Buttons with other Bloggy Readers! To button swap, click under the "Sponsor Me" tab! Use promo code COTL2012! Looking forward to swapping with you!

So there it is....My action plan! The one thing that will remain the same is what I write about! This is my personal space, my online journal! I write about MY life! My littles, are my life! My hubby, is my life! You will find posts about the daily craziness with my kiddos (a special needs son, and a 10 month old diva) and how my hubby and I keep each other grounded through it all! and of course what i'm personally up too. With money tighter because of the economy, I've become quite the Bargain Hunter! You'll find posts about what Im doing to save and hot deals that I've found! More importantly Im a DIY'er! I live for decorating, crafting and party planning! Ill share with you what party's Im hosting, My home decor as it changes through out the year, and what ever craft project Im currently working on! There may be some days that I skip a post here and there, (for cripes sake I do have to live my life after all) so that I can blog about. haha! but overall Im ready for the change! Im so excited for what I have in store for the blog! Come Along & Join Me for the adventure! Im Sure, you'll love the ride :)

So my question to you! What have you done to grow your blog?  
To the Girl who sent me the text that I didn't want to read but needed to!!!

I thank you :)

X's & O's


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