April 19, 2013

Friday Fancies & Weekend Plans

Well Hello Friday! What a week its been! Rain, Rain and more Rain here in WI! Sick of it! All though I would much rather take this crud over snow, I just want to be able to see a little sun and enjoy a walk! IS that too much to ask for?

Im ready for the weekend! No real plans here! Spending the rainy afternoon snuggled with my babies! This evening my mom & dad are going to take the littles (for the weekend) so that the hubby and I can clean our room! It looks like an episode of hoarders! The door doesn't even open all the way! Sad fact!  Long story short our basement is a disaster and needs to be throughly cleaned, sorted and reorganized! BUT until the weather becomes nice and we can pull everything outside to sort through it... our bedroom became the new place to store things!! With that sad it's going to be a long weekend, but the end result will be amazing! I can't wait to have our own room again! (We are currently sleeping on our mattress in baby b's room) And I REALLY can't wait to have our second bathroom available! The house seems so much smaller without our master bedroom and bath!

OMG! How did we let it get this bad :/ AHHH!

But what I look forward to the most once the mess is done is ReDecorating and giving the bedroom a fresh look! New sheets, New curtains and some New Decor! I LOVE decorating! and Ive gathered some amazing ideas from pinterest!

Love how beautiful this makes the tv look! Really hoping we can do this especially!

This one of course will be our wedding photo!

These ideas and my vision of my finished room are what im going to need to power through this mess!!

Besides that Im hoping that the hubby and I can sneak out and enjoy a movie together as an award to ourselves for cleaning the mess!

Anyone seen or hear things about the movie? I LOVE HORROR!

HAPPY 10 MONTHS to my LoveBug Brynnie ("10 month" post to come during naptime)

What is everyone up to this weekend? Did anyone order their FREE GrooveBook Yet? (Not sure what Im talking about? Check out Yesterdays post here: CoffeTalk: Free (YES, Free) PhotoBook Offer

Cuddle Up Friday

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  1. the longest post ever lol but i love it. Yoga pants are the best thing ever and leggings. I have yet to read Safe Haven. Do you have the book? If so, you should let me borrow it. I use to have the ipad (but you bought it from me) so now I don't have a ebook reader. I need to get one.

    PS Clean up your place lol

    1. place cleaned! lol! Yoga pants are AMAZING! and leggings.. ive never worn them! I feel to fat for those, maybe when I shed some weight! Yes i have the book! Im about half way thru! As soon as im gone I will let you borrow it! lol! and we love the ipad! i think we need another one in this house ;)

  2. We are going to see the Evil Dead this weekend - Date Night :)
    Will let you know my score out of 10 ahaha
    Newest follower

    Lotte xo
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    1. Thanks again for the follow :) Hope you enjoyed the movie! We sure did!

  3. I love infinity scarves!!!!! Good luck with that room! I have a few of those in my house that I should take care of. Thanks for linking up with the Coffee Talk Blog Hop!

    1. Of course! Love the hop! Room clean! THANK GOODNESS! Now all that is left is the garage and the basement! Then this house will oficially be in order ;) good luck with your rooms! They are alot of work, BUT it sure feels good now that it is done! and yes infinity scarves have become my addiction! I LOVE how they are so cute and simple and really pull an outfit together!