November 2, 2013

Hey There Bloggy World

WELL... Hello Loveys! I feel like I haven't been on the blog in forever. Well, simply because I haven't! I've taken a mini hiatus to follow a new passion of mine! Bow Making! Ever since I found out I was having little miss B, I have been collecting bows, headbands, flowers, anything hair accessories! And now after seeing a fellow mama friend (Kera) start her very own IG shop (Nuggets of Love)! I became inspired to learn the bow making process myself! For the last two weeks, I have taught myself several different styles of bows! and I absolutely adore them! Let me tell you, knowing how to make them, only makes my addiction of bows worse!
Soon I will be opening up my own IG & Etsy shop! 
These bows are perfect for any lady in your life, from the young, to the young at heart!
 These pretty girls are my cousins nanny kids, the baby is little ruby that I watch during the day! 
They all look adorable in their matching bows I made them :)

Here's what we've been up to:

Visited the pumpkin patch! 
One of my FAVORITE fall activities. I love making a day out of it! So many fun things to do, pillow hop. corn blaster, huge play area, corn maze, petting farm!

We also added to our family a fish! Kal picked out his names! Bubbles! He is a Beta! Very pretty, the kids enjoy watching him swim around!!
Brynn had her FIRST ever set of pigtails in!! I absolutely adore them! She is so stinkin' cute! Shout Out to Kera for the awesome bat clips!
 We had a good Halloween! Sadly the hubs has to bowl so he didn't get to be around very long that night! We both bowl on a league, but because we were so close to taking first we couldn't afford to both take the night off! Needless to say, Thanks for Alan not missing, we did take first and won the round Meaning we will be in the bowl-off at the end of the year! 

The packer player!
His Cheerleader!  

Enjoying Trick - Or - Treating at the mall

Classic! She was mad because I took away her bucket so she would look ;) 


Well That is all that is really new here in the Adams House!
Tonight the kids and I are off to my moms to enjoy Monsters University, Pizza and Bow Making ;)

X's & O's


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