October 21, 2013

Monday Already?

OH MAN! I'm seriously having a hard time believing that it is Monday already! The weekend flew by WAY to fast! 

Friday - Is my day off! and boy did I take advantage of it! I threw a baby shower for my cousin and started planning all the details last Wednesday ;) Procrastination at it's finest! Brynnie and I enjoyed lunch at Red Robin with my mom, nana, and sister! 
She needed her own ranch cup like her mama!
After lunch we headed off to the stores to buy decor, prizes and little misc things that I needed for the shower!
Once I got kal off the bus we headed off to my aunts to decorate for the shower!
After decorating, I dropped the kids off for the night, and headed with my mom and sister to a haunted house! 

After all the horror we headed back home to start making ducky decor. (Her shower theme)
I maybe stayed up till 3am working on party stuff ;)
After a good night sleep  4.5 hour nap! I headed back over to my aunts to set up the rest of the decor and prepare food!!
Before I knew it, it was shower time. The party was awesome. I cant wait to share it with you tomorrow! 
Saturday night was spent cuddled with my littles! (The hubby spent his weekend working away! 18 hours on Friday and 14 hours on Saturday!)
She's really into her doll all of a sudden! I LOVE it!

Was a day of rest! and oh man, did I need it! I was in bed by 10pm Saturday, and woke up when the kiddos did at 9:45am! They were clearly as exhausted as I was ;) 
We also all laid down to take a nap! Did some grocery shopping and headed over to Alan's moms house for dinner  and The Walking Dead! Another great episode, if I must say so myself! 
I can't wait for next Sunday!

Well, Here's to an awesome Monday!

How was your weekend?

X's & O's


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