October 15, 2013

It's Ok!

Tuesday Tuesday... Hello Tuesday!
Tuesday means it's almost the end of my work week!!! I love working 3 days a week and enjoying a four day weekend!

Linking up with Kera who blogs over at Nugget On A Budget for "It's Ok" one of my favorite weekly link ups. Now if only I could keep up with it weekly :)

Nugget On A Budget

It's OK..... That I'd much rather blog then pick up the house tonight! (Ill regret this tomorrow)

It's OK..... That I'm really sad to see the hubby's night shifts end tomorrow :( Being that I'm home during the day (except Wednesdays) I have really enjoyed spending my days with him. We both get kal on the bus for school, enjoy lunch together, and some alone time when Brynnie goes down for an afternoon nap! -Once- the hubs goes back to "days" I will only see him as he is walking in from work, and I'm walking out to work. By the time I come home, he and the kids are in bed or going to bed :(

It's OK..... That I'm still excited from the premier of the Walking Dead. And can't wait till this Sunday!

It's OK..... That I'm excited for Kals school pictures to come home in his backpack

It's OK..... That I'm excited to get Kals first fundraiser from school! I would like to sell as much as I can so that they can earn great things for his school!

It's OK..... That my instagram feed is FULL of IG's shops & awesome things I want to buy ;) I can thank Kera for this one!!! She has me hooked. It's only a matter of time before I cave in and buy!

It's OK..... That I have thought about teaching myself how to make bows (I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dress B in them) and think it would even be fun to open in IG shop with Bows and Tutu's!

It's OK....That today is National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Today I grieve for the one that we lost. I have two beautiful children on this earth, and one sweet little in heaven!

What are you saying It's OK to?

X's & O's

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  1. Jenn! I love you. Sorry for getting you addicted to IG shops ~ or maybe I'm not sorry ;) I'm actually going to open up my bow shop this weekend! I'm excited but nervous at the same time. I hope I get customers and can make some decent money this way. Especially now that I need to fund my IG shop addiction! And again, I grieve the loss of your little one just like I grieve the loss of our first baby. I was surprised and comforted to see just how many other mamas have lost precious babies. I'm happy though, that they all are in heaven and that we'll see them for the first time, someday. Wishing you luck as your hubby goes back to day shifts at work ~ I hope you can still find some time to spend together and as a family.

    Thanks for linking up again and have a fabulous weekend mama :)