October 14, 2013

Hello Monday

 Happy Monday!!! 

Love the new look? I'm so excited for a change to the blog! I love the new colors! So fallish, and warm! Plus I uploaded it all my self (not to bad for my first time with codes, I'm trying to self teach)

How was your weekend?
How about The Walking Dead premier! I'm so excited that the season has started! And hate that you have to wait a whole week in between episodes! Sunday is going to be a second favorite day of the week now ;) 
Last nights episode was crazy! Did anyone watch it? What do you think? The walkers are intense this year! Seriously more scary then any other season! And how about the fact that Rick is so calm, threw away the gun, doesn't carry one, followed that crazy lady into the woods, doesn't want the kids to learn how to fight the walkers. Speaking of the kids, I thought it was interesting the kids were naming the walkers! Seems silly! I wonder if they will have a hard time killing them now that they have named them and they think they are "people".  I also really enjoyed the "raining" walkers!! And of course the way they ended it! What is with geek boy turning. Has it gone airborne? Is it in the food that they ate, you know Violet (the pig) has something to do with it! Or the fact that he contaminated the showering water, or that there are sleeping people next to him. Cant wait to see how many people he takes out! OMG is it Sunday yet?! Let me know your predictions this season! 

This is SO how I feel right now!

EVERYTIME I sit down to type up today's post. B is in something she shouldn't be, Kal is shouting "Mom" every two seconds. Or they are just at each other, for one an other's toys! 

Somehow I just don't think today's post it going to be successful!

Here's some post's to look forward to this week! 

*The hubs and I just celebrated our anniversary! See what diy project I made for him and hear all about the surprise getaway I planned for us! 

*The outside Halloween decor is all up! Getting the inside stuff up today and tomorrow! Can't wait to share what the house looks likes! 

*Our first trip to the pumpkin patch as a family of four! 

Off to make lunch and put this littles down for a nap! This mama is exhausted, I may just lay down with them! 

X's & O's