September 13, 2013

The weeks come and go....

Oh... HEY Bloggy World! I'm Back, What a week! I'm so sorry, I hate to leave you all hanging!
Life this last week has been CHAOTIC to say the least!

Last Thursday my little dude, started 4K! Seriously I feel like my life dragged before kids! Now, the years fly by! Wasn't I just cuddling my newborn son yesterday? and NOW I'm bawling (yes I said it, bawled like a baby) at drop off of 4K! Thankfully I was able to make it out of the room. He on the other hand was a champ! A little nervous, but once he sat down for lunch he did great with the other kids!

hmmm, i think I've started a new tradition for myself! A crying picture in the car after drop off!

Ive also been watching baby Ruby 3 days out of the week! (My Bff's Baby) She is such a good baby & the kids LOVE her! Kal calls her "baby sissy" and Brynn loves to share her toys with her! (She will come over and put things on her lap or try to show her things!)  It's so precious!

My mom had reconstruction "woman" surgery! Gravity is taking over her lady parts in a bad way! Seriously makes me not looking forward to getting older! The surgery was about 3.5 hours! and recovery was suppose to be an hour! My poor mom was in for 10.5!!!! They could not get her Blood Pressure to stabilize! (Side Note: My mom has had 4 heart attacks and only has 25% of her heart left from all the damage) So BP not stabilizing is Very Scary. She did stay the night so they could monitor her, and is now thankfully in the comfort of her own home!

Other then that, Ive been getting back to the gym. I'm so unhappy with my weight, it's time that I do something about it! I about cried  (OK i did) when I stepped on the scale and read the number! My husband has lost 85 pounds. and looks DAMN good! If he can do it, I can do it! I want to look good for him and feel confident in my skin! and NOT be asked by my father in law if I'm pregnant. (YEAH, you read that right :/ )

To health, happiness, and a chaotic life!
X's & O's


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