September 14, 2013

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday Love's!

Im so excited for the weekend! Thankfully it will be a quiet one...well...kinda. I'm working this morning and tomorrow afternoon for a bit. Plus I will be doing some babysitting later tonight! But in between all that time, I will be taking advantage and finishing up Brynn's Bedroom (i've only been saying that now for a month) It's slowly coming together and I can't wait for the end product! Im also throwing my cousin her baby shower! I need to work on getting the invites all out for that! I can't wait! I love to throw a party!! A huge re-sale is also going on this weekend! So I will be taking a much needed mommy break and head over to the sale with high hopes to find some great deals! I LOVE LOVE LOve a good deal! Im such a bargin hunter!

What are you ladies up to on this awesome Saturday?! Whatever it is, I hope you get to enjoy the weekend!

X's & O's


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