September 19, 2013

It's Ok, Thursday!

Liking up with Kera for "It's OK" Seriously in need of a good vent!

Nugget On A Budget

It's OK....That I'm not into the Fall season this year! I feel like we were jipped hot summer weather. and i just don't feel like i had my "quota" of warm days! 

It's OK.... That I'm trying to figure out how to fit everything in in one day, Watch 3 kids (my two littles, plus baby ruby), Keep my house clean, BLOG, workout, keep my lia business and work at the swim school! There just aren't enough hours in the day!  

It's OK.... That when I look at baby Rubs I get really sad for how fast Baby Brynn has grown! 

It's OK... That I miss my mom who is still on bed rest from her surgery 1.5 weeks ago and I feel guilty about not being able to visit her! 

It's OK... That I get offended when people talk about my weight! Especially when you don't know me, never met me, and are not slim yourself! 

It's OK....That I'm finally getting around to posting this on THURSDAY ;) ugh! I'm still trying to get my life in a "schedule" I miss blogging' maybe I need to just get up at the wee hours of the day to make sure some "mommy/blogging time" is achieved.

It's OK.... That I'm looking way forward to my weekend away from the littles and hubby (ok, not a whole weekend) This Saturday is a huge lia training in the dells! It starts Saturday Afternoon, and Ill be back Sunday afternoon sometime! I'm ready for some girl time, lia inspiration, and jewelry!!!

Off to watch The finale of big brother!! I hope it's finally up on the CBS site!

X's & O's

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  1. HOW did I not see that you linked up with us last week? So sorry I didn't stop by before to comment! How was your weekend away from the fam for training? I hope you had a good time! Sometimes I totally wish I could just get out ALONE and do something like that. Also, thanks again for contributing a guest post, it's up on the blog today and I'm excited to share it :)