September 25, 2013

Oh.. I have a blog?

Oh man! Seriously it's been one week since a post! That is crazy.... you mean just because I think of my blog daily doesn't do anything for the blog it self? Bummer!
It has been a week, a hell of a week for sure! I'm kinda going insane trying to figure out how to keep my life sane! There are seriously not enough hours in the day!
My typical day!
I get up with the kids, get them breakfast, do my "cleaning task of the day", some laundry, dishes, puzzles and workbooks with kal, get him on the bus for 4K, feed Brynn lunch, get her down for a nap, and continue to clean, eat lunch, and get ready for work @ 330! (All of this while tending to baby ruby who's here from usually 8-330 everyday)
Once my workday is done and I'm at home by 830 , its story-time, and cuddles before the kids are to sleep at 915! Then picking up the house from the kids all day, and making dinner before I crash myself at 1030ish! Mind you the hubby works nights lately (so HELLO single parenting) I mean seriously where is a mama to blog in this crazy day! Do I dare skip cleaning?! My house is very impressive ever since I made this awesome cleaning schedule that works for me!
Do I wake up earlier then the kids to blog? When do you find the time to blog?

So what else is new in this last week?

Saturday I had a training at the dells! Truly motivating, and just what I needed for my Lia business! I love to be able to get away and enjoy some girl time with my Lia ladies!
I very much enjoyed the photo booth!

Sunday the family came up to the hotel we had the training at! We played in the waterpark all day! Sadly little kal master had a health scare.. he missed a step in the pool and took in over chlorinated water and instantly couldn't breath, had a coughing attack and threw up 3 times until we finally got him outside for fresh air!
Sunday night he wheezed and coughed all night! and Monday morning he woke up, clenched his throat and gasped mama (talk about pure horror, instant heart in my throat) I raced him outside for fresh air and he began another nasty coughing spell! As soon as it was over I took him in to urgent care! They told me he has chlorinated induced asthma, and that his chest and throat will be sore from all the fumes that he had taken in! SCARY! Thankfully little man is coming back to his normal self!

1) love my little girl
2) Brynn LOVED the huge slide!
3) Kal LOVED the dump bucket! 
4) Kal helping alan eat! 

Kal had his first open house at school! He loved showing us his classroom and the projects he had completed!

1) top left: Kal tracing his name with his finger
2) top right: Coloring the poster that will go up
3) bottom left: Kal is showing us his card. He choose black for his color graph color
4) bottom right, balance beams!! He loved it! (wish I had some for home)

Omg is she not ADORABLE! Look at this little mama with her purse on her shoulder pushing her "babies" TO Cute!

Good Night World! 
X's & O's


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