August 7, 2013

Where or Where has my life gone?! (& the electric run)

Where or Where has my little life gone?
Oh Where or Where could it be?
With the days so short,
and the nights even shorter?
Or Where or Where could it be?!

UGH! Seriously! In case you didn't know, Its August Friggen' 7th! And do you know what I have done this summer! That's right *NOTHING* (ok...ok. That's a lie, I've done a couple of fun things!) Yes I'm being way dramatic! But seriously! Life these days is just not going how I want, and I constantly find myself asking, "where has the day gone?!"

Prime example! It's WEDNESDAY night! And I'm finally able to sit down with my blog and write a "Weekend Update"? Really? That's NOT right!

I'm almost certain that nothing has been done on my "Bucket List"... Considering that it hasn't been touched once since I wrote it! Seriously, this kinda breaks my heart! I had huge plans this summer to do  *NOTHING* expect play with my kids! Be tan! Be water logged, and fly by the seat of our pants! oh yeah, and fulfill my dreams of getting my in-home daycare set up and running by Sept 1st!
Sadly, None of this is happening because of my commitment to my day job!
Don't get me wrong, I love my job! (I'm a supervisor at a swim school) I love the kids that come, I love the parents and friendships Ive made, and I really love my staff. I give 110% to this job, and because of it! I feel like I'm missing out on life!
I come home at night, clean up the house, put the kids to bed, shower, eat dinner and drift off to lala land! I start my early morning by dropping of the kids to their grandparents houses (yes, my kids go to two different places most day) work my day, have a 2hr break and go back for another 5 hours! If I'm not working I find myself cleaning the house so that it doesn't look like a tornado hit the Adams home!
I hardly see my kids, I never see my hubby (except for when I crawl into bed next to him) My Lia business has completely dropped off (I have one show on the books) I just have no time to work my business! (Which disappoints me highly! I love Lia!) My blogging sucks! I barely have time to type a post and when I do, it's few and far between! I've even had an awesome idea for a NEW sweet link up, but can't find the time to get the details out and promote it! and again, NOTHING on my summer bucket list has been done!

What oh What is a mama to do! Ive never felt so overwhelmed. I'm becoming stressed about it! Do I dare give up hours? How do you lovely ladies keep a balanced life? I'm truly missing being a stay at home mommy :(

Ok. End Rant ;)

Onnn a better note!!! The weekend of course went by WAY TO FAST!

Friday - My mom (Lisa), Sister (Molly) and I volunteered for the electric run by handing out packet as participants came in for pick up! Very easy work, all we did was check them in on the ipad and ask for their shirt size to be handed to them! For doing this, we were allowed to race for free the next day! After volunteering we headed to good ol' walmart to pick out our bright neon outfits, and decor to add to our attire, the double stroller (both kids came with), and my moms wheelchair!

Saturday- Brynn & I spent the day at my cousins house for her house warming party! Poor hubs had to work all day, and Kal spent the day with his cousin Jon at his grandma and grandpas house (Alan's mom  & step dads) Later that evening we picked up Kal from his play date and headed down to where the Electric Run was taking place! This was our first time ever at the electric run! and we were READY!

LOVED the cups! We even took some home with us! Hello black light party!

Well... I think they have this backwards!

One of my favorite "worlds" It was beautiful!

Meet my Mom, Lisa! And Sister, Molly!

So surprised how well she did! But she just couldn't keep her eyes open anymore!

As you can tell! We had an absolute blast at the run! The lights were so fun to look at! Brynnie kept pointing at everyone, and saying "ohhh" "ohhhhh"! She also showed off her awesome dance skills at the different worlds (where the music would play) She is so silly moving her body back and fourth and clapping! And Kal, he took it all in well! He enjoyed seeing the costumes, watching himself glow, and smashing the cups at the end! 
And who ever said coming in (nearly) last doesn't get you anything! The electric run sent us home with all these granola bars (200ish) & energy drinks and waters because they were just going to throw them out! ummm? Really! Ok! 
Granola Bar Anyone? Couldn't have worked out any better that they are chocolate chip too! (my fav)

Sunday Funday - Was a relaxing  day at mom's! Alan again worked so I stayed (sat night) at my mom's to help her clean! Not very fun!! and made for a long day! Kal however enjoyed his day with pepa out in the woods, preparing wood for the winter! Later that evening we did get to enjoy an ATV ride! Oh man! I do love those!! So fun and such a beautiful to overlook the country hills!

The littles love to see the cows!! 

Monday - Was back to work! *two thumbs down* The weekends go by way to fast!
Only 2 more days to the weekend!

ps! Sorry for the extra length in the post. PicMonkey is just not letting me save my collages for some reason! So you get them one by one until I can figure that mess out ;)

X's & O's


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