August 20, 2013


Happy Birthday to Me!

The big ol' 25! Quarter of a Century! Whew! Half way to 50! (yikes)
(I must say, I'm pretty proud of all that I have accomplished in my little 25 years of life)
Married to my high school sweetheart, two beautiful babies, both have good jobs, homeowners!
Truly, Can't Complain!!

Fun Fact: My middle sister Molly. Is three years younger then me and shares (and yes I literally mean.. shares) my birthday with me! She decided that she too would be born on August 20th and hold out just a couple more minutes to do so! 

So what will our birthdays consist of!
*Board Games
*Painting Pottery
*Papa Murphys take and bake pizza and MORE DQ Blizzard Cake! YUM

In Honor of turning 25, Id thought Id share 25 random facts with you!

*My favorite color is Pink
*My favorite animal is a seal
*I'm a SUMMER girl (flip-flops are my shoe of choice)
*Country Girl (love my country music)
*I want 2 more kids, would love to have 4 more kids! I have a thing about even numbers! (I came from a family of five. When you have a even number, everyone has a "partner", and no one is left out!

*I love to travel
*Jamaica is my destination of choice
*The hubby and I have NEVER been on a vaca alone :( I would like to change that!
*Christmas is my favorite holiday! The spirit of Santa, the cheer of good people! The lights, the gift of giving! Truly makes my heart happy!
*Id rather burn then wear sunscreen because I know it will turn into a tan! (EXCEPT my face! I Always sunscreen the face! 

*I would love to be an interior designer
*Throwing parties is my passion
*I miss swimming competitively
*Cookie Dough Ice Cream is my favorite!!! (Half Baked is my hands down pick for Ben & Jerry's
* Reality TV is my weakness ( Loving Big Brother this summer (ps. would love to apply for that show))

*Scrapbooking is my favorite past time
*My favorite board game is clue (& life)
*Horror movies are my fav!!!
*Red Robin is my go to restaurant
*I'm a Ranch-Aholic! I will eat it on almost everything!

*I love to bike
*I'm a huge picture nut! I take several thousand a year! An my walls and shelves are plastered in frames
*Pinterst is my addiction, I wish there were enough hours in the day for everything I want to do
*I love to change things! Especially furniture, the wall art and the layouts of the rooms in my house!
*I'm a nut about my house being clean! I can't relax until everything is picked up!

Well It's Off to CELEBRATE the DAY :)

Happy Tuesday

X's & O's

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