August 22, 2013

HELP! Nook vs Ipad?

Good Thursday Morning!!!
It's almost the weekend, and payday for me :) Woh-Hoo!!!

As most of you know my birthday was Tuesday! The big 25! The day went great! Details later as in I need to head to work this am, and have no time for a longer post!
I do have a question! The hubby surprised me with a Brand New "Nook HD+"! Nearly a year ago we bought an ipad from a friend that was to be the family's ipad! And go figure it somehow turned into the "kids" ipad! Kal isn't a fan of mommy taking it for work out of the house! So the hubby thought I would enjoy the nook, something that I could call "mine"

However, kindly put! I'm an apple snob! I own everything apple...Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Apple Computers! SO I'm kind of nervous to use anything else. Thankfully the store told me that I could take it out of the box and play with it for "15 days" and return it for the full price!
I did get a chance on Tuesday night for a bit and so far I'm not a fan!

Does anyone own a Nook? Love their Nook?

How about the New ipad retina? (I'm thinking about returning the Nook, and using money towards the new ipad)

If you own an ipad what gb size do you have? I'm thinking 32!

HELP! Any Opinions are wanted!

Have an Awesome Thursday :)

X's & O's


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