July 24, 2013

Waiting for Baby R

Today, I'm so excited and anxiously waiting my seat for the news! That my bfffffffffffff "Waldey" (Amber) has had her baby!!!!! She was induced last night! My guess is little girl is coming late this afternoon or tonight! (I went thru two inductions myself....yuck)
I'm so excited to meet Baby R and become an "auntie"!!

Auntie Waldey with Kal & Brynn at their party in June (Which (ps) post is still coming on that!)

Gotta love pinterest (photo idea)! I'm so excited that the girls are a year apart! I'm hoping that they will be Best Friends like their mama's :) I mean it's inevitable!!!

Have an amazing day! I'm off to a 12 hour shift! Yuck! 

X's and O's


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