July 22, 2013

Happy July

Whew! Middle of July, here we are! How did we get here? How is the summer almost half way over?
Why does it have to end so fast? Is everyone enjoying there summer?
I know the Adams Family is!!! Outside every chance we get! 

So What is new? Well alot! Indy was awesome!!!!!!!! Lia Sophia treated us like Red Carpet! We had trainings during the day ( I took away lots of fun new ideas), exciting announcements in the evening at our general session (where all 3500 woman gathered together in the Lucas Oil stadium) and come night! Well those ladies know how to party! Sleep was NOT something that happened on this trip! I made so many new friends, of course saw and touched all the NEW jewelry that is coming in our fall catalog and walked away with 3 beautiful NEW pieces!! It was great to get away, but of course it is always good to return home to the family, to see the littles faces light up when I came home was priceless!

We were welcomed all over Indy! 

Our General Session which consisted of 3500 woman filled the seats of Lucas Oil Stadium!

We were BLOWN AWAY! To see that Jordin Sparks was here to celebrate us,
 by opening our General Session

She is a good singer, and her lyrics really hit home! 

Besides Jordin opening for us (left) we also heard from Lolo Jones! Her story is truly amazing! I found the video that they shared with us at conference! I may have had a tear listening to her speak ;) 

During her speaking I tweeted her to let her know how touching her story was and that she was welcome on Team Adams Glamily anytime ;) Pretty shocked to see this back! 

Couple of my favorite screen shots!
2nd One: Wisconsin took first for Group Recruiting with 1350 new people in one year!
3rd One: "If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten"

Talk about awesome jewelry displays! The whole new line was there for us to gaze at and try on! 

The new fall catalog! Love it! 

Of course I had to skype with my littles! Love technology! So amazed that I can do this several states away!

May have had a few drinks ;)

Which may have lead to riding a bull.....

Our goodbye party! Talk about red carpet! It was amazing!
These lovely ladies greeted us with FREE jewelry!!! Nothing better then that!

Of course there was a photo wall! The top middle picture is my new friend Dana, love her to pieces!
Top third picture is my leader and great friend (my kiddos call her aunt Katie ;) She is an amazing, supportive lady and I'm so lucky to have her in my life!
Bottom picture! All my awesome room-mates! It was a party! The convo's are unforgettable and I'm so blessed to have gotten' the chance to get to know more about them!

As much fun as I had away! It was amazing to come back home to my littles! 

The Fourth of July Weekend was a good one! We had two parties to go to, both on the 3rd and 4th! Both firework shows were Great! I especially love what we call "Rhythm & Booms" My aunt lives right next door to the field that they shoot off from, so we have front row seats! It's a 30 minute show put to music, and they don't go cheap on the fireworks!!! It is purely amazing!! Kal LOVED it, and poor brynnie hated it! She did settle down after 10 minutes and feel asleep!! Hopefully next year she will love it!

Kids and I enjoying the parade!! (The hubs had to work that morning)
Brynn got to enjoy her first sucker!!! One of the kids handed it to her at the parade and before I could take it away she had it in her mouth! Had to chuckle, clearly she has watched her brother one to many times! After I took the wrapper off and handed it back to her, she tasted it and lit up with excitement! Priceless!

Kal enjoying the fireworks! One of my favorite pictures that I captured :)

I was unable to tape the show myself because I was comforting baby B! But thanks to YouTube, I found a pretty awesome video of the end of the Grand Finale! It is an Amazing Firework Show!

Sadly I've been having some health problems! About a month ago I went to the doctors to get a growing  mass in my right thigh looked at. They did ct scans and an ultrasound, both which revealed nothing! The next step was to have an MRI ordered! Well.. after my trip from Indy, I went out to visit my mom (Who is a nurse) She told me the bump didn't look right and I needed to get to the ER. I brushed it off and told her I would make an appt the next morning! That next morning, My leg had doubled in side, turned a deep purple and was HOT & Painful! After showing my mom the bump that morning, she insisted that she takes me to the ER! It was nearly a 6.5 hour adventure (I hate emergency rooms)! They decided that there was an infection growing on top of the mass! Which lead to them slitting my wound open in two spots (of course the first one was with no meds, OMG insane pain) Thankfully they gave me something before they did the second one! Once the wounds were drained (which they collected cultures and a biopsy from) They wrapped up my leg and sent me on the way! I'm on some antibiotics now, and have had a couple appts since then! The results came back that I've had "staphylococcus coagulase negative" (some nasty bacteria) growing in my leg and that the mass is thankfully not cancerous but rather an unidentified object that was overlooked from the car accident that my dad and I were in, in 2007! aka a piece of gravel or plastic! I have an MRI set up for a week! That will show us what the object is! Sadly the doc says that it will only keep growing so I need to have it taken out! I HATE surgery! It makes me so nervous to think about! and then to top it off, recovery is a MONTH! what am I going to do on bed-rest for a month?!! I guess blog ;) and what do I do as a mom with two kids on bed-rest for a month! I don't even know if that is possible! haha! All I know is that this won't be scheduled in summer, I'm not wasting my summer inside looking out! 

Left: My bump which brought me into the ER
Right: My Mom and Brynn waiting in the ER with me!

Here's my leg after they sliced it open! Still looks disgusting!

My mom and I enjoying our bed rest together! (She just had surgery on her back!) 
We maybe got a little hungry (damn pain pills) sooo we took it upon ourselves to make some homemade nachos!!! 
YUMMMMM  Tostitos chips, chicken, shredded cheese, bacon bits, & sour cream!

We have also been to two family reunions this month! It is always great to see family that you rarely see! One was at a a local park, the other one was at an amusement park called bay beach. Free admission (that's always a plus) rides or both the kids and adults! and the best part! Rides were only .25cents! The most expensive ride was $1.00! A huge roller coaster, called the "Zippin Pippin" Which I found out was Elvis's favorite ride! Super Cool! The park also had huge play structures and a wadding pool for the littles to cool down in!! It was a great time! 

This is the Bast reunion (Alan's Mom's side)
The littles enjoyed both the food. B is eating a watermelon and Kal is eating grapes and the games!
They were so worn out, They were asleep before I left the block!

This is the Ferry Reunion (Alan's StepDad's) 
1st picture; Brynn is enjoying watching Kal ride the rides! She would wave and giggle every time he passed! So cute!

Hope he doesn't learn to drive like this when he's older, haha!
 (2nd picture with his hands covering his eyes)

Brynnie was able to join us all on the train! She LOVED it! She didn't want to get off, and she didn't want to sit on my lap! She kicked and screamed until I set her next to me! 
Clearly she doesn't care that she's only 1! 

We also saw two movies this month! World War Z! (In 3D) I liked it, the hubby did not! He thought the book was better! and of course we took Kal to see Monster's University! WE all LOVED that one! Very cute! Can't wait to add that to our collection! We have Despicable Me 2 on our to-do list! I can't wait for that! 

Besides that I find my self being a single mommy. Alan has been working long nights and all 7 days of the week, his side job business is really picking up! I'm so proud of him and all the work he is doing! 

Hope all is well with all my lovely readers!! 

X's & O's 


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