July 25, 2013

Summer Time Mantel

Great news to share today! Yet another BEAUTIFUL baby girl has entered this world!
Ruby Sophia Meisel 
8lbs 1oz 
22 in 
July 24th 8:54pm 
I won't post any pictures just yet since neither mommy or daddy have! But I will let you know that she is stunning! So sweet & little! Sadly pictures are all that I have seen! I have to wait until after work to visit them. Mommy was not feeling well last night and I work early this morning!
Talk about making the day drag on!

Last night, staring at my mantel I decided that I needed to change it (I usually change it about once a month) and went to good ol' pinterest to gather some ideas!
Here's my theme: Summer Time!
I know we are already half way thru summer! But June was decorated for the kiddos birthdays, and July was decorated with American flag's!

OMG! I thought this was adorable!!! So summery! Makes me want to grab a nice cool drink and sit out on the deck with a book....or my computer! 

Would love to frame this! SO TRUE! Maybe I need to move somewhere, where "summer" is year long

Kids artwork is always fun to make, and fun to look at!

We are a fish family! Swimming is what we do!

Subway Art! One of my favorite kids of arts!!! I LOVE this one :)

I think this is adorable!!!!! Would love this for the outside of the house! 

This too is cute!! Can you tell I LOVE flip flops! It's the only thing I live in, in summer!

I also came across these two things I would love to check off my summer to do list! 

Mail a Flip Flop! How hilarious would that be to open up to a flip flop in your mailbox!

This is cute!! A Beach day needs to happen soon in the Adams! 

Happy Thursday :)
X's & O's 


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