July 31, 2013

It's Ok!

Ofta! What a day! I'm so tired! Im going to make this short and sweet, because "IT'S OK"

Nugget On A Budget

It's Ok..... That i'm ready to slam the lid of the computer down, close my eyes for the night and skip yet another blog post! Seriously fighting my eyelids right now! 

It's Ok...That I HATE Wisconsin weather. It's SUMMER (damnit) and I want it HOT and Sunny. Not cool and cloudy! We are seriously having FALL weather! low 60' for the last week and a half! I feel like mother nature forgot it's summer! (Hey Mother Nature... if you want to forget a season....forget WINTER! Not Summer!!!!

It's Ok.... That the hubby, mil and I went to see "Conjuring" this weekend! (A horror movie about ghosts, based on a "true story"). Umm YEA! Freaked out! I'm hearing things! 

It's Ok... To believe in ghosts, spirits and yes I think my basement is haunted! (True Story: Someone died down there! One of the care takers of the old man who lived here, passed away in her sleep. And Yes I've always believed our basement to be haunted, Not just because of this movie ;)

It's Ok..... To want to explore the "true story" behind "The Conjuring" The eldest daughter of the family that lived in the house has written two books on her experience of the ten years of living in a haunted house! Some which she says "Was to scary to be put into the film" hmmmmm.... Interesting!!!

It's Ok...To be thinking about leaving my job :( yup as much as I hate to admit that one. It's sadly turning into looking realistic! Today my mom has heard yet again more bad news on her health and will be looking at surgery and out for another 8 weeks! This comes on top of already just having back surgery (5 weeks ago)! My mom is my sitter so I can work my 12 hour day! And with out her... well I just don't think that it's worth paying daycare! The money I make will be turned right around to them, plus more! And if I have to pay that much! Well I might as well as save the money and stay home with my babies instead! Oh what to do, what to do! Not to mention that Kal starts 4K in 4 weeks! And I want to be here for that! But..dang-it.. I LOVE my job! 

It's Ok...That Brynn took her first steps tonight! And as much as I hate seeing her grow up! It's so fun to watch her learn new things! (See her first steps on the blog tomorrow today)

It's Ok..That IM SO EXCITED to be running  walking in the "Electric Run" Saturday Night! First awesome 5k of the Summer!

It's Ok...that i fell asleep and am now posting this the next morning ;)  Apparently my eyelids won!

X's  & O's 

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  1. Thanks for linking up to the It's Okay series Jenn! And seriously, all of those are okay :) It's kind of like a therapy session to get a few things out in writing, right? Btw--I love those photos of the electric run that you did {in your other blog post} . It looked like so much fun!