May 14, 2013

Holy Blogness! There's a lot!

oh my word! where have the days gone?! Seriously I have been so busy, its hard to believe it's been 6 days with no blog posts or reading any blogs! Thankfully my life is back to being a little calmer and my posts & reading can begin again! Ahh!

Blog OVERLOAD! Let's go!

Day 8: What are 3 passions you have?
(1) Staring a party planning business.  I love to parties! Everything about them, working out all the little details, making invites, decorating for the big day! I'm a very creative and detailed person! I find the whole process to be fun! I would love to see a business come out of! Plan party's and get paid for it sounds PERFECT to me!

(2) Seeing my lia sophia business grow! As most of you know I sell the beautiful lia sophia jewelry! I have now been with the company for 3 years! I can't believe how fast the time has gone! They treat us so well! I make great commission and get treated to a 70% discount! WaHoo! And all though I run a decent business, I would like to see some things change! I would like to promote up to a leader! They make an extra 10% + an override (basically double what I make now) I know several people who have been with the company for awhile and work their personal business "big time"! Because of it, they are making 6 figures! umm hello jealous! If they can do it! No reason I can't! I sell the same jewelry lol! 
(3)Being a "stay at home" mom! I'm so sick of going into work, dealing with coworkers, crabby bosses and kids that don't listen! When Kal was younger, I was a stay at home mom, it was the best time of my life. I loved our daily routine, I loved that I got to be home with him, teaching him, watching him grow and knowing that we didn't have to tend to anyone! I miss those days! 

Day 9: List 3 people who have influenced you, and how
My mom - She has been there every step of my life!! She has raised us through our worst, (alone dad served in Kosovo for 8 months) and loved us through our best! She has shown me how to be an amazing mom, friend, daughter and person! I'm compassionate, loving, caring and strive to be just as great as a mom as her!
During labor with Kalen! Terrible pic BUT what an amazing mommy!
My Nannie (Grandma) - That lady raised 9 kids! Plus she is the sweetest old lady I have ever met! I'm so close with my nannie, and love hearing her story's about her childhood growing up, or how she raised 9 kids! Sure makes me feel silly for getting my undies in a bundle with 2 littles!

My Dad - Not only has he served for this country for 20+ years (he had to retire due to a heart attack) He sacrificed his life for his child! (Thankfully he survived the endure) Any one who is willing to put their own life on the line for another person speaks volumes about their character!

     Day 10: Describe your most embarrassing moment.
Thankfully I don't have to many of these! OR they were so embarrassing I have erased them from my memory! HA! Ok! It was a summer that Alan and I were dating! He had taken me to the dells for a mini vaca, one of our stops was the water park (Noah's Ark). They have one of those gliding bars, where you jump off the platform, holding on as long as you can, before falling into the pool because your arms giveway! YEAH! Well needless to say, back in my skinny days when I could wear two pieces! I decided that I was going to do it! (Alan who is afraid of heights, sat on the edge and waited) Needless to say when I reached up to go, I had caught my pull tie in the back ultimately unraveling my top and flashing the whole waterpark! And I somehow didn't even notice until I got to the end! (you know trying to hold on to the end, so I didn't look like a weak girl dropping right away) So I flashed everyone the tata's for a good 10secs! Everyone stared at me and was laughing by the time I reached the end! AWESOME! and to make it all that much better it was in the "family" area of the park! bahaha! After turning 500 shades of red, I picked up my top, double knotted it and went on, and didn't look anyone in the eyes the rest of the day!

Day 11: Describe a few of your pet peeves.
People who chew with their mouth open! Were you born in a barn?
Ice scrapin' on windows! Hate that noise!
Liars. Just tell the truth, You only look dumb in the end
People who think they are the shit. Cocky people.
People who take advantage of what is offered to them! Hmm you have an iphone but you get NO!
The kiddos (or the hubs for that matter) who destroy the place once I just cleaned! Deep breaths, mama!

Day 12: Describe a typical day in your life.
oOOo this is a fun question! However, we have a very loose schedule!
7am - Kal and I wake up
715 - Kal takes bus to school (I usually blog, crush candy or go back to bed until brynn wakes up)
830am - Brynn wakes up
900am - Brynn eats, read books, she plays toys while I do laundry and dishes)
10am - bottle
1015am- nap for brynn (time for mommy to blog)
11am - kal is off bus
1115 - snack time
(Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays. we leave for work at this time. I nanny for a friend)
1130 - 1215 - playtime
1230 - lunch
100 - 300ish nap
330 - Alan gets off work and takes Kal to the gym
(330 - 500 if at home, I usually blog, pick up toys, clean, work on lia)
(if it's a work day, I'm probably losing my mind with 5 kids ;)  )
500 - boys are home, family time to unwind.
600 - dinner
645 - baths
730 - wind down time (kal watches a tv show)
800 books
830 bedtime!
Both kids usually fall asleep between 900-930!
10pm is quiet mommy time, I usually sit with my computer in silence and enjoy some unhealthy treat!
11pm - bedtime for me!
Weekend's are a free for all! We just make sure to eat and nap ;)

Day 13: Describe 5 weaknesses you have.
I'm to nice - People take advantage of me!
I try to be every one's friends!
I can't stop eating unhealthy - I love everything that's bad for you! All though I don't sit and gorge, and stay decently active. I wish that I had a stronger will to stop eating it!
I hate to be alone
I take on to much (BUT I do finish it)

Day 14: Describe 5 strengths you have

I'm organized! 
I'm a great multi-tasker
I'm honest - trustworthy - loyal
Hard worker 
Make people laugh - Very personable

offta! What a post! and it's only 930am! 
I think that calls for a catch up blog on the last week! Time to go send 500 photos from my phone to the computer ;)

X's & O's

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