May 15, 2013

Here's where I've been!

Writing tonight's (5/14) post from the sunroom! Can I just take a minute to say how peaceful this is! The windows are open, the sun is setting, rain is falling, the white noise from the interstate behind us, lighting and a little thunder. with the kids playing so nicely! This is beautiful! The lovely warm breeze! Couldn't ask for a better scene!

Starting off tonight's catch up blog with two of my favorite photos that Ive snapped! Brynn is all about standing and pulling up now! She tries to walk with furniture and has recently tried to push the stroller (but sadly it doesn't go anywhere, its hard to push) My kal! Caught him daydreaming! Beautiful, and peaceful!

Saturday 4th was a busy day for us! 
Brynn and I started the day off with some garage saling. I love garage sale season! Seriously what is better then finding awesome things for super cheap! I thrive on finding good deals!

First Photo: Brynn in her ladybug costume! I have been really into collecting both ladybugs and owls for baby B! So stoked to find this for only $5! Halloween costume! Check! 
Second Photo: Proud to say everything Kal is wearing (except the shorts) came from a garage sale! The shirt is good condition for .25, the sunglasses were .50 and the those shoes! Let me tell you about those shoes!!! They are "dinosole" shoes! $40 shoes brand new! I found these in excellent condition for $1!!!!! Hello Happy Dance ;) Yeah! It's the little things in life that excite me!

Later that night, my aunt asked to watch Brynnie overnight! Of course we didn't turn it down! With it being such a beautiful day we decided to get out and bowl, grab some dinner and finish it with a night at the park!

1st photo: Kal showing me his name on the screen! He is so proud he can pick it out now!
3rd photo: Someone is gonna be a lover of motorcycle's

Sunday 5th was a boring day, the kids went to grandmas house because Alan and I both worked! After work I turned around and went to a lia meeting at pedros! 

Last week was pretty uneventful! Just busy! 

I did manage to rearrange kal's room for him!! He loves it! Especially his reading tent!

Brynn has learned some new things! 
1st photo: She now has her 3rd tooth coming in (all bottom row)
2nd photo: Open mouth kisses! I love them!
Bottom pictures: She has learned how to sign "more" she thinks she is top dog when she does it!

Alan and I had a meeting with Kal's 4k teacher! Because he is S.N we had to rewrite his iep's to include his 4k progress! I'm so excited for him! But can't help but be nervous! The class size is 18 students! He right now is in a 10 child class, with two teachers! He also is only allowed 1 hour with supervision from a S.N teacher! I don't feel like an hour is going to be enough for Kal, but they will quickly find out! On another note! Alan and I both went to Elvehjem! I'm so excited to say that my son too will go to the same school!

I had a Miche party this week! Love the idea behind these bags! You buy your base and your shells! When you get sick of the look, instead of switching everything over, you just switch the shell! New look, same inside! Love it! I use to carry big, huge purses! Now after kiddos I just use my clutch! I'm very excited to use my new purses, but I just hope that I use it and it doesn't sit there!

This past weekend was nice! Friday night Kal spent the night at my mom's, Brynn spent the night at my cousins! Alan and I both worked early Saturday am! We did watch "This is 40" Friday night!

Great movie! I really enjoyed it, and I love that it was all the same actors! However I don't know if I'm looking forward to being 40! 

After work Saturday, I grabbed Brynn and headed to a friends baby shower, and then out to my moms for the "night"... or so I thought! I really ended up staying two nights because both Alan and his mom didn't feel good, so we cancelled our sunday night dinner! 

(my mom and kal: left, my dad and brynn: right)

Alan was to impatient for me to get home.... so he texted me my mothers day gift! 

He weeded out the whole front entry, planted flowers, a bush and mulched it! Looks beautiful now!  He also got us a new mailbox! The other one had the numbers falling off, the door was missing! We seriously looked ridiculous! Proud to say I love the curb appeal now! 
and I LOVE that I didn't have to do it!!! 

Kal made me some mothers day cards! 
Plus a homemade project ;)

A New blanky and eyemask! haha! Clearly he knows how much his mama loves sleep!

Whew! What a crazy couple of weeks! And of course this is getting posted this morning (5-15) because last night was quite the adventure! We let out the dogs, and when Blueroy came inside he was covered in burs! Breathing heavily!! Very Scary, it looked like he couldn't catch his breath! He didn't want to drink unless it was on your finger tips. We offered him a treat, which he did eat just fine but then went back to the odd breathing! Alan decided to let him back outside where he ate so much grass that he threw up and then was calmed down! We think that he tried to bite the burs off him and swallowed one by doing so! Poor doggy! Thankfully he is normal self now!

Have an awesome day!!!! 

      X's & O's

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