February 19, 2013

Happy 8 Months Baby B

 Happy 8 Months to my Baby B!

To my littlest! Its hard to believe that just 8 months ago you entered the world! It feels like yesterday! This by far is one of my favorite stages. You are easy to sooth, sleep through the night, babble & coo, laugh, clap, smile and well, simply put... you light up our world! 
Just this last month you have mastered sitting and standing with assistance! (It's your new FAVORITE thing) You would much rather stand then sit! Such an awesome little clapper, and a pro spitter! How can we forget the spiting ;) You are so close to crawling! You can now push yourself backwards and spin in a circle! An awesome eater! There isn't one thing you don't like! We now give you most of our table food. Potatoes, noodles, cheese, yogurt and bread are just some of your favorites! You enjoy a sippy with meal time, you are getting really good at the concept of the cup and how to get the water out! And you're such a fish...You love bath time and every Wednesday night is swim class! You love it, no tears... all smiles! 
You're already such a social butterfly! Dada is wrapped around your little finger! Kal adores you, he is the biggest helper! He makes sure that you have plenty of toys, food and that you don't have any "pooooop" in your diaper ;)

Here are a few of your favorite things:

baby b 8 months

I can't wait to continue to watch you grow and see what new journeys this next month brings! I'm sure you will be crawling and pulling up on everything! Baby proofin' is in our very near future! May you know that you are always loved and supported!

Mommy (& dada & bubbe) Love you till forever my LilyBug

I'am blessed to be your mommy!

Toodles Ma! I'm out of here!


 Jenn <3


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