February 17, 2013

Happy Valentines Day


I know, I know, I'm a few days late! BUT I love the holiday so much we made it a 4 day celebration of love and valentines!! I love everything about the holiday! Hearts, flowers, red, pink, candy! LOVE! LOTS of LOVE! I feel that the world is so busy we often times forget to show how much we care for one another and Valentines Day is really about just taking the extra minute to show how much you care!
We of course got the kids photos done! I LOVE THEM! Here are some fav's:

Thursday was a day full of extra hugs, kisses, presents and love! 
Here was our valentines we made:
Top Left: These were for the swim teachers! A shovel with candy and a note that says "We Dig You Valentine"
Top Right: Brynn's swim class: A bath toy and a scrubbie with a note that says "Thanks for Splashin; with my Valentine"
Bottom Left: Kals swim class: Special goldfish with the same splashin' not!
Bottom Right: We made for my friends daughter! A dump truck, swim toy and a note that says "We Wheelie love you valentine"

For Kal's Teachers :)

For Kal's Classmates!
Angry Birds (His new obsession) Birdfood!
Captin Crunch Berries, M&M's & Choc Chips
After work the kids came home to our valentine surprise on the table!

Brynnie couldn't decide what she wanted first :)
Kals Fav Gift: A NEW Sled :)

Now Usually the hubs and I bowl on Thursday nights! We decided to forgo it to have a night in! Grandma and Grandpa Ferry watched the kiddos so we could enjoy HOT FOOD! let me say that again... HOT HOT FOOD! (I forgot how good food is HOT ;) and rented "House at the end of street" from redbox! Not what I was expecting, but it was ok! Worth watching once!

 Friday after work I took the kids out to my moms to celebrate valentines with my parents and sisters! We all exchanged our little somethings and watched a movie together! 
Brynnie and Mama LOVE our owls! Kal got a set of card games! He didn't want to pose ;P
Saturday we came home, unpacked the car, the kids went to my Aunt Debs so that the hubby and I could enjoy a night out alone! We caught some dinner and saw a movie! Sadly I watched it with my eyes closed! HA! I was to say the least, a little tired! 
And today we are going to enjoy a family "valentines day"! The circus is in town, and we have FREE passes to bowling! (Can't get better then FREE) 
It's been a fun week to say the least! 
I squeezed in time to catch Safe Haven! Excellent movie! Go see it! I'm reading the book now! 

Brynnie has now learned to clap! 
Kal can say every letter in his ABC's, they of course aren't perfect but just to hear his attempt shows me how far he is coming with his speech!
Valentines Present to myself :) <3
And please welcome my IRL friend Jazzy back to bloggin'! She returned to the bloggin' world this Monday! Im so excited to have her back! 
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So how was everyones week? Hope it was as full as love as ours!


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