January 11, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Brynn's first new years!
A Midnight Kiss!
2012 was quite the year! We laughed, cried, failed, and succeeded. learned new things, lost some things and thru it all we pushed to come out on top! We may not have it all together, but together we have it all! Here's to more memories and a remarkable 2013!

Splashin' in the new year!

Kals First PJ Day at School
Brynnie can sit like a big girl!

Hello Again, (sorry for all the pictures above, for some reason it wont let me upload them to the bottom and is just acting funny)
So what have you missed in my CrAZy WoRLd??
Well here goes nothing!! Get Ready for a catch up blog post :) Happy Reading!

Baby Brynnie:

* Was baptized! It was a beautiful ceremony surrounded with friends and family and then we had a dinner back at my grandparents house! thanks to my awesome friend jazzy. We all had cake pops to end the night) yummy!
* Turned 5 months old
* Enjoyed her first Thanksgivng (she even tried a little green bean cassarole)
* She enjoyed her first black friday shopping ( I must add that I took her out at 8pm way after all the lines and most sales were still done. I had to pick her up from grandma who watched her while mommy shopped and we had to stop at toys r us while we were on the west side of town! Scored a couple good things, but most importantly Brynns baby food was Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!!! Plus I had free $10! She is still eatting it up two months later! 
* Needless to say. Our baby girl has started Solid Foods ;) accomplished rice, oatmeal and mixed grain cereal. and Almost every flavor of first foods and just this week we have started 2nd foods!
* Turned 6 Months Old!
* Has really let her personality shined! She is so smiley, and bubbly and ADORES her big brother :)
*Had her first christmas! SPOILED! She had so much fun pulling at the paper and then tried to eat it!
*Sit's all on her own!
*Rolled over from her back to her tummy!
*Started a sippy cup!
*Can take her nookie out of her mouth (so close to being able to put it back it)
*Feeds herself her bottle! She is so silly, she takes it away from you! Can we say mrs.independent

Cowbody Kal:

* Turned 3.5 years old!
* Had a meeting with the school district and was observed for a month! He now has 6 iep's written, and will attend school 4 days a week in the early education early learning system! They will work with him in and out of the classroom so that he will be able to start 4k on time with his peers!
* Had his first fire drill!
* Had his first two snow days! Man was that fun! We were bundled inside together for 2 days before we finally ventured out from our nasty snowstrom in WI
* Enjoyed his first snowfall with dada! They had snowballs fights, shoveled, and chased the dogs! when he came in with rosy cheeks and his little button nose he lit up when he had his sippy cup of warm ;) chocolate!

Hotstuff Hubby:

* Took kal out hunting! and by hunting i mean that he took him to his dads land and he sat inside with grandma while grandpa and him went hunting! But they enjoyed their "boys" weekend away! ( x 2 weekends ) Kal had a blast!
* Alan caught his first deer! Im not a fan or hunting but im proud of him that he is proud of himself! and grossly he wants the antlers ; / not crazy about those! he wants to hang them on the wall!
* Got invited to a basketball game by his boss (let me remind you that he is new to the job, so that is a good sign that they like him and his work! )
* Got a promotion! He now is in-charge of the biggest job lead for his company! He is the main painter at all the MG&E buildings! WOO HOO to ALAN! im so proud of him! He has truly showed his hard work ethic to land that kind of a position being so new!

Good ol' ME:

* I enjoyed some black friday deals! Went out for 16.5 hours! It was a blast! One of my favorite days of the year!
* Enjoyed widowers weekend with Brynnie! Shopped, watched Magic Mike, Saw Chippendales and a ton of time with my baby girl! Im glad that we will be able to have a guaranteed girls weekend while the boys go out hunting!
* Ive made and sold a ton of tutu's! Thinking about even making a little side business out of it! "Little Miss Tutu's" cute right!
* Got a ton of cake pop books and a cake pop maker! Would love to get good at that!
* Has already stated planning brynns 1st birthday and kals 4th birthday! and have decided im throwing my first ever PINTERST PARTY!

As a Family:

* We enjoyed our first Thanksgiving and Christmas with Brynn!
* In fact we enjoyed 8, yes 8 christmas's! WOW! good thing we love family and holidays!
* Helped a family friend turn 1!

That about sums up our last two months! Thanks for bearing with me and my blog hiatus! Im glad to say I'm Back!
Ive got great things planned in 2013! and I cant wait to share it with you guys!

So how did you guys end 2012, and how has 2013 started!



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