December 31, 2012

47 Days

47 Days….. It has been 47 days since my last blog post! Please forgive me for my  blog hiatus. Life has been, Life! With the charger broke on the imac and me unwilling to pay $80 for a new one (I was on the search for a used one) I just haven't been around a desktop long enough to make a post!

Thanks to my amazing hubby who bought me the charger I needed as one of my christmas presents! As I opened it up, and said "Sweeet" my hubby said " now you can blog" Clearly he knows how much I have missed it!! ;) Smart Guy! 

So to all my new followers! HELLO! Thanks for the follow! I promise I do post more then every 47 days! Thank you for following along in Blog Working Wednesday! We had a great turn out THANKS to ALL of YOU :)

This post wont be long! There's cookies to be made, people to get ready, kiddos to drop off and a new years party to be enjoyed! But I wanted to wish everyone a 


I have spent the day with the kiddos out at my moms! Now tonight we will enjoy a kid free night over at my aunts! Where about 40 awesome people ring in the new year :) Great family tradition!!

Tomorrow will be filled with a day of to celebrate the new year with my family of four! Did someone say chuck e cheese ;)
But more importantly readers and followers tomorrow there is a catch up blog coming! Something that I have been working on for awhile! Filing you in on everything that you have missed in my 47 days off!  and then of course ill talk about my goals and resolutions for 2013! personal/family/ and blogging!

Stay tuned..... Please be safer whereever your adventures lead you tonight :)

XOXO - Jenn



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