January 11, 2013

A New Year with New Resolutions!

Hello 2013! Can I just say how ready I am for you! A new year, a new start and new resolutions! 
Here is a list of what I'd like to accomplish in 2013! Personal, Relationship and Blogging!
Being a mom of to two! I often find myself chasing my kids....until the day is done and then I don't remember what I did or more importantly what didn't get done! HA! To me pictures and memories are important! My walls are covered in photos! (Or should I say frames, with my imaginary family)
 It's important for me and my kids to be able to look back, and be able to have cherished times!  I love the idea of scrapbooking! In fact I have a scrapbooking room, but never see it because there is not enough hours in the day! My biggest problem is that I can take alot of photos but I never print them and put them in books. They just get uploaded to the computer and sit! So this year to me! My resolution is to get all my photos in books! I have organized systems so that it will be easier (I hope ;) at least) I even want to take the time to go back years and catch up! (I don't even have wedding photos, in books) But you can bet they are one fb! Even if they aren't in order to get them in books and just "start anew" Because in 50 years, These computers won't be around and all my photos will be "lost". It's time to take control before it's to late!
Memories are also important to me! Often time I look back and realize that I have forgotten the little things! And I don't want to! These kiddos are my life and I want to document it, so when they are big and grown; We can look back on it together!
So here it is.... 
My Photo Resolution's!

*Make a photo book of 2012
*Make a photo book of all my misc photos! 
* Organize all my 2013 photos that are taken into month folders! That way at the end of the year! I can easily find and upload the photos to a "year in review" book with no hassle! 
* Make time (by scheduling it in) to organize my photos once a month! 
And along with photo's I'd really like to start collecting video! Looking back at some of my home videos from being a kid! I really want that for my kids! So I have been recording them and placing them in folders! Which i will burn with my mac to a DVD! Maybe ill turn it into a yearly thing for the kids... to receive a DVD from mom on their birthday from videos and photos from the last year! YEAH! I like that! :) Ill include big things, like holidays all the way down to the little things like just recording them playing, or putting on their shoe! One day they wont be so little and even though it wasn't a special moment then, they will be grown and it will be nice to look back on! to remember how he put on his shoes, or played with the dog, or sat all alone and looked into the mirror!
My Personal Resolution's

(1) Memory Resolutions

* I'm starting a journal! One entry a day! Just a way to track little things, that other wise might be forgotten! ex: kalens first jammie day, Brynn drank from her first sippy cup! I want these special moments to be remembered when I'm 50/60/70!
*2013 Memory Jar - this is a jar that will sit on our counter. It includes a picture taken on the first of the year! Movie stubs, wristbands, a funny memory (written down on paper), etc will all be placed in the jar throughout the year! Our new tradition will be to have a "special" dinner on New Years Eve with the kiddos as we look back at the great things we did & accomplished that year! Then we will put our memories into a shoe box, with a question sheet that I have designed (thanks to pinterst), and a new years eve photo (so we can see how we have changed in a year) and seal up our time capsule and start the new year, with a new jar! 
* Letters to My Family ~ I have bought three notebooks. One for both the kids and one for the hubby! In there I will start to document letters to them. Letter written on special occasions, when something big has happened, or even a just because! I want them to be able to look back at something handwritten from their mom! More importantly if something ever happened (knock on wood) to me, I want the kids to know just how much I loved them and have those letters to hold on to! 
* Picture Calendar ~ I saw this one on pinterst! Loved the idea!
It's a daily calendar that can be reused each year and gets better the longer you use it. Each day you write the year and something that happened that day like, "(Child's name) took her first steps." I imagine the first year wouldn't be as fun, but imagine how neat it would be in 10 years.

* And lastly Im going to create a word file on my computer for both Kal and Brynn. Where I can track all the silly things that they say and do! I think when I will just store them in a binder with protective sheets once I have filled up the page and printed it! It's a great place to keep all their little words in one place!

As you can see keepin' all my memory's written down and publishing all my photos is big to me! This year Im determined to not let any more "time" slip away. Im a hoarder of memories! and proud of it ;)

Does anyone else do anything? Id love to hear tips, tricks and what you hold on to!

(2) Personal Resolution

* Im working towards promoting to manager with my Lia Sophia business! Hello override on team, and 10% pay increase :)
* Earning the trip for two to Hawaii! um YES PLEASE! I would never be able to go to Hawaii, I cant pay my way there with that flght! But I could sit through that flight if it were FREE and paid for by the company ;)
* To knock off 30 pounds! I would like to get back to the weight I was before babies! Being around my hubby has inspired me (he has lost 75 pounds) I know he will push me to get the gym! I want to look good for him and feel better in my own body!

(3)  Relationship Resolution

* This year for christmas I got the hubby 12 planned out dates. ( One date, once a month ) Of course of something we have never done before! I believe making time to be with each other is important! I heard the quote "the couple that plays together, stays together" How true is that? when you make time for yourself as a couple, your relationship will continue to grow and at the same time we are setting great examples for our kids! Im looking forward to taking time out of our lives to just be us, and to continue to fall in love day after day with him!

(4)  Blog Resolution

* this year im taking time to blog. that means i'm going to open up my calendar and set aside time that will be used to "blog"!  That way my posts aren't far and few in between and I will be able to stay current with it and not have to constantly play catch up!

* Schedule posts - I havent really done this before! But its something I want to start! That way when i'm not able to get on, at least ill be able to still have something for my awesome readers to view!

* I want to start a link up!!! Suggestions please! What do you love, pictures, questions, quotes! I want something that is new, something that will grab peoples attention! I want to get out there and meet new people and starting a link up will be a perfect way to do that! How often would you like to see a link up? Feedback appreciated please!

*Short & Quick blogs! I sadly feel like my facebook know more about my life then my bloggy world! Which seems so backwards to me since that's why I started blogging! and it's simply because I can write a quick status update, and throw up a picture with a caption fast and easy! Now being the fact that I have the blogger app right on my phone this will be a great way to keep in contact daily! On top of my scheduled longer posts!

I look forward to 2013 and all the NEW things to come out of it! I cant wait to show you guys all the fun things that I have in store as I continue to
Color Outside the Lines
in this crazy beautiful life!!




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