November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween (I'm Back)

WOW! Hello! It has been to long!! and to be honest, I don't even know where the time has gone! 
My daily life has taken over, and before I know we are! Sadly it left no time for bloggin'! But I'M BACK! and better late then never!
My last two weeks in a glance have been full of work, family and lia sophia! All of which I'm grateful for, so I can't complain! 
This past weekend has been an absolute blast celebrating Brynn's First Halloween!

Friday (10/26/12)
Downtown did a Halloween party for the little ones! Kal dressed up as a blue monster! The kids were able to go door to door of stores to trick or treat! Some even had projects that the kids could do!  It was an absolute blast. We even got to meet Bucky Badger! I can't wait to go again next year! Afterwords, Alan and I meet up with his mom, two aunts, and cousin (6 all together) to take advantage of a groupon coupon to a scary house in the local area! It was AMAZING! I was scared and didn't have a voice after because of all the screaming! Next we did the local Humane Society Haunted Woods! Again a great scare! However I learned my lesson to not go back to back (we did do this haunt in 2011) and not enough was different :(
Kalen with Stella the Bat, and Showing mommy his treats!

Blowing up Knuckles with Bucky Badger

Saturday (10/27/12)
Happy Bambino (A local baby store) threw a "my first Halloween party"! We couldn't miss out! We dressed the babes and hit the road! Kal was Woody, and Brynn was Jessie! They had a photo booth, games, decorating a treat bag, and the kids walked in a parade to show off their costumes! Afterwords we headed home. Daddy laid down with the babies while mama took off for a lia show! After the show was done, I snuck down to the basement to decorate. Once the place was ready, I ran up to grab everyone so that we could change into our Halloween jammies! Once they were on we had blast at our Adams Family Halloween Party! We colored pictures, played keep away spiders, sorted orange and white balloons, and danced to fisher price Halloween cd! We finished the night with "iza" (pizza) and scared shrekless! 
Kalen had his picture featured on the Happy Bambino site, and Brynn before her First Halloween Party!
I made her tutu! It was so easy, so cheap and so FUN! this will be dangerous! She will soon have one in every color :)

The Adams Family

Sunday (10/28/12)
We started the morning off with breakfast at Denny's with all of alan's family! Then the day was spent relaxing! Then dada watched the kids so that I could nap!!!! It was AMAZING! I forgot what naps were! hehe! It was so great i napped for 3 hours, and was woken up to dinner :) We finished the night by carving our pumpkins! and thanks to pinterst baby b, maybe was placed inside one ;)

Carving Pumpkins!! We trced kals hands to be a spider (however it turned into a butterfly) and Brynn's foot holes became a upside down smiley face
Monday (10/29/12)
Of course was a work day! The kids to grandma and grandpas house on Mondays while I work in my friends office! After the work day, we ate a dinner as a family and finished the night with a Halloween art project. Before bed we watched "monsters vs aliens: attack of the mutant pumpkin'

Tuesday (10/30/12)
Another work day! (but Tuesday - Friday are my nanny days) After work Kal and dada went to the gym and then out to dinner and to bouncy town!! They had an absolute blast together!
Brynn and I on the other hand had a lia show at Granadma Cathi's house! It was so fun!

Wednesday (10/31/12)
Happy Halloween! It was a short day at the nanny family house! Once work was done, the kids and I went home to get ready for our night out! We started trick or treating at the mall! The kids got so many compliments! After we were done we grabbed a quick bite, and off to nana & papas (my grandparents) house to trick or treat in their neighborhood. Nana watched Brynn while we took Kalen! It was a great feeling walking the same route that I took as a kid but now with my own child and husband! Once we finished the neighborhood it was back off to our home for a nice bath, halloween jammies and of course some candy ;)
The kids Halloween baskets they woke up to!
Cowboy Woody, Cowgirl Jessie and the toy story gang ;)

So how was every ones Halloween?

Hard to believe it's November 1st! Where did the year go? Can't wait for thanksgiving and of course BLACK FRIDAY!

Stay tuned for my first post tonight... I'm starting my 22 days of Thankfulness to kick of the awesome month of November!  



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