November 3, 2012

22 Days of Thankfulness...Day 1

Hard to believe that it's already November!
One of my favorite months! Craft sales, Family, Great Food, Love, Laughter, Black Friday and Most Importantly... The season of THANKFULNESS!

So to kick the month of November off right! I bring you "My 22 Days of Thankfulness" Once a day, a post from me..sharing what Im Thankful to have in my life.

Day 1:
My Hubby!

Today (and EVERYDAY) Im thankful for my hubby! Sadly, my IRL friend Jazzy is going through a pretty nasty divorce! Watching her fight this battle is heartbreaking! And makes me even more grateful and in love with my husband! He is supporting of my hopes and dreams, he is my best friend and listens to what I say and how I feel, He is an AMAZING daddy! He loves to go to work to support us, and loves even more to come home to his family after the long day! 
With him by my side I know that I will be ok! 

Today (and EVERYDAY) Im thankful for my hubby!



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