October 12, 2012

Happy Weekend

The weekend is here! And I could not be more excited! Happy Weekend Readers <3

This weekend I will be:
   - nothing better then watching little ones learn how to swim and not be afraid of the water!
*Celebrating my nephews 5th birthday
    - watching his face light up when he opens his toddler size "taggy blanky" I made him!!! he loves tags.....on clothes, blankets, towels. This is the perfect gift! and of course homemade with love :)
*Enjoying time with the in-laws
*Celebrating life with a "just because" get together with my hubby's moms family. The crazy chaos makes me feel so at home!
*Watching my babies smile, laugh, giggle and play with all their cousins!
*Celebrating time with my hubby for our anniversary <3 nothing better then just being a couple and getting out without the kiddos for a bit!

What do you guys look forward to this weekend?!



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