November 9, 2012

22 Days of Thankfulness: Day 7 - 9

22 Days of Thankfulness: Day 7

My Parents!

My parents are amazing! I had a fantastic childhood, one might say we were "spoiled". 
 My parents have always been there for me. 
They gave taught me how to value life, not take things for granted, how to have a long lasting relationship and most importantly what kind of parent I want to be to my children! 
Im so blessed that my children are able to call these two wonderful parents their "mema and pepa"

It's funny how as  a child you want nothing to do with your parents, they are uncool! and now as an adult you look up to them, and I now consider my mom one of my best friends! 

Mom and Dad with Kalen (look how little he is)

My lovely parents on my Wedding Day
Today (and EVERYDAY) I'm thankful for My Parents!

22 Days of Thankfulness: Day 8

My Great Look on Life!

 Juggling a full time job, a relationship, being a mommy to a baby and a hyper "gogogo" 3 year old plus all of lifes little "treasures" that get thrown our way can often times feel over whelming! It's hard being an adult with the daily worries! But as hard as life may feel I quickly remember how fast life can be gone (my dad and I were in a terrible car accident 5 years ago and "shouldn't be alive") Almost losing your life makes you look at everything with a "half glass full" approach! Little things are what matter! No matter how hard things may seem, in time it will pass and family and friends are there to pull  you through! My favorite quote!

Today (and EVERYDAY) I'm thankful for My Great Look on Life!

22 Days of Thankfulness: Day 9

My Sisters!

Sisters! Gotta love them! Being the eldest was a love/hate relationship! I loved that I was in charge, I got to make the rules, I got to do most things first, I got the new clothes, I was the one they ran to when they fought! But then they copied me, wanted to hang out with me and my friends, they got away with more things! Now that i'm older I can look back and laugh! Things that seemed so big back then and how they really don't matter! Watching them grow up is awesome! Molly is 21 and Abby is 17! I can't wait to watch them continue to grow into amazing women and am thankful that at the end of the day that I have a good relationship with both my sisters! and can only hope that my children can have an awesome relationship through out their life!

Molly in the blue,  Abby in the Pink 

Today (and EVERYDAY) I'm thankful for My Sisters!



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