November 13, 2012

22 Days of Thankfulness: Day 10-13

22 Days of Thankfulness: Day 10

My Extended Family!

Saturday (10th) My beautiful baby girl Brynn was baptized! It was a beautiful ceremony with our close friends and family all around! The dinner to follow was full of great company and so much love! It made me so THANKFUL to have them all their to celebrate such an important day in her life and know that they are always their for my family and I! 

Today (and EVERYDAY) I'm thankful for My Extended Family!

22 Days of Thankfulness: Day 11


I LOVE PICTURES! (I love to TAKE Pictures that is) My iphone currently sits at 1315 photos that need to be downloaded to the mac! Im SLIGHTLY addicted ;p Im big on being able to remember moments, and looking back at special times, and photos are the best way to do that! My walls are COVERED in picture frames! Im so addicted to photos that I have a hard time taking down the old, so I just add new pictures in new frames! ;)  hehe! photos tell a story!  and I love "looking down memory lane" 
My Latest Favorite Picture Idea's
*Project 365! Take one photo everyday and at the end of  year compile all the photos into a "photo book" from shutterfly! You now have a "yearbook"! What a great way to look back on the years! 
* Art Book: Who has a problem of figuring out what projects they are going to save, and what ones have to get thrown (Me, Me, ME) I HATE throwing away anything that my baby has done! and his memory box is quite full!!! Projects are just so special!! So (thanks to pinterest (of course)) I have learned to take photos of the kids projects and again upload them to a photo book on shutterfly! I can't wait to put this into action! Then I will have ALL the kids art work WITHOUT the clutter :)

Today (and EVERYDAY) I'm thankful for My Photo's!

22 Days of Thankfulness: Day 12

Days Off!

Who doesn't love a day off! A day to laze around in pj's, play with the kids ALL DAY, and be able to enjoy everything especially.... NAP TIME!! My days off always include NAPS!!! 
My kids are thankfully great sleepers so when we nap (its about 2-2.5 hours)!!! I love my sleep!

Today (and EVERYDAY) I'm thankful for Days Off!

22 Days of Thankfulness: Day 13

Late Nights with my LoveBug!

Baby B is a night owl, just like her mommy! and I LOVE it! Sometimes the day flys by and I feel that I haven't spent real quality time with her because i'm chasing another kid, pottying a kid, cleaning a mess, and by the time i know it...the day is gone! Once dada and Kal goes to bed that leaves no one to focus on except for my Brynnie! She gets all of my undivided attention! We can be often found reading, practicing sitting up or tummy time, griping things (balls, mommys fingers) and her new favorite game! Peek-A-Boo! It's so much fun to be able to not worry about anything except Brynnie! Then as the night winds down... that leaves one thing left! Snuggles for my baby b! 

Today (and EVERYDAY) I'm thankful for Late Nights with my LoveBug!



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