November 13, 2012

My First Video Blog :)

My very first Video Blog...
    A Hello from my little LoveBug Brynn!!!!

I can't wait till her words are real!! 
    What were your kids first word?

Kalens first word was ball (used to mean ba.oon. (balloon)



  1. What a cutie!
    I'm a new follower from the blog working wednesdays link up! Looking forward to reading your blog! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, she is precious! I wonder what her first words will be? :)

    I'm your newest follower from the hop, and I can't wait to read and see more of this cute little one!

    Stop by sometime!
    What's in a Name?

  3. OMHECK! So cuuuuute!!
    Maggie's was Daddy, and Mia's was Momma. We are tied :)
    New follower from the hop! Thanks for cohosting!
    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog