December 12, 2013

Ive been RACK'd

Last night at work, a sweet little girl (and her sister) gave me this bag full of yummy treats! 
Attached to it with a sign that says 

"You have been RACK'd"
"We're counting down the days till Christmas with 
24 days of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness
Hope your day is Merry & Bright! 

How inspirational. What a fun way for kids to learn how to be kind! How to bring a smile to someones face and warm their heart!
That is why I have decided that this is my new tradition!
And it's never to late to start!

So here's whats on my list!

* Wrap a box of chocolate to set in the mail box for our mail-lady
* Bake cookies for the Bus driver and her assistant
* Leave spare change on the vending machine
* Send a gift card to a child in need
* Make a bow for a pretty little girl
* Buy hot coco for a bell ringer
* Leave a treat in the teachers lounge
* leave a pack of popcorn on a movie machine for the next person
* leave some diapers and wipes at the changing station for the next person
* leave $1 bills in the toy section of the dollar store
* hand out fruit snacks to kids at the mall play area
* carry someones groceries for them
* return a cart
* let someone go before me in line

Now it's time to make it happen! Look for a follow up post after Christmas about all the wonderful Acts of Christmas Kindness we completed!

Id also love to hear any suggestions!

X's & O's


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