September 4, 2013

OHP with a Twist!

Hello Loves! Linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for another OHP! (Somehow I couldn't get the button to post)

As I was surfing good ol' time sucker pinterest ;) I came across this awesome pin that caught my eye!

The Objective: To read 1000 books before Kindergarten!

Sadly after doing research on the program and learning that none of our local libraries participate in it, I decided to take matters into my own hands! I went out and bought both littles their own notebook!
Decorated their covers with a cutout of their initial (from my Cricut machine) and some stickers!

In the front page, I wrote a note to each of them! On the second page I added the "prize" list!
Here is what I decided for our prizes!
100 Books - Box of M&M's
200 Books - Sticker Book
300 Books - Puzzle
400 Books - Box of fruit snacks
500 Books - HALF WAY! New Book & $5.00
600 Books - Coloring Book
700 Books - Trip to ice cream shop
800 Books - WorkBook
900 Books - Out to Dinner
1000 Books - New Book - $10.00 (and a little cake)

As most of you know Kal is 4 and will be going to Kindergarten in exactly 1 year! That means that we will need to read a minimum of 3 books a day to make sure that we get to the 1000 mark within the year!

Once Kal is asleep I jot down the date, what books we read and who read them to him! I also write down little notes like "you really love the chicken pox book and counting all the new "spots" (he loves the book itchy itchy chicken pox)

We have been at it for 3 days and are already 13 books into it! I look forward to the time to cuddle with my little man. I let him choose what books we are reading, and the order that he wants to read them in! Sometimes sissy will even crawl up next to us and listen. (I'm not recording her books unless she is fully engaged!)

Happy Wednesday :)

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