May 1, 2013

Day 1: Random Facts

YAY! Today starts the
30 Day Blog Challenge!

Wanna join in! Get all the details of the challenge here! Let me know if you are going to join in the challenge so I can make sure to follow along your journey! 

On with the challenge!

 Day 1: List 10 random facts about yourself

* I like to make list's! Everything is in a list!

* I've been to Jamaica so many times (6 times) that the Jamaican's call be a "JaMerican"
I LOVE IT! The hubby and I were married there, and both my kids have Jamaican middle names!
Kalen (Irie) = Everything is good
Brynn (Lily) - Tiny little thing

Yes we have even made friends down there that we visit when we go! 
Everyone that flew down for the wedding! We had a reception back home!
* I'm right handed

* I HATE spiders! In fact I'd rather swim with a shark then touch a spider! 
(or so i think)

* I want 6 kiddos! Yes, 6! The hubby told me we could have 8 if we won the JackPot! Wish me luck on winning! But then i'd have to start playing! HA!

* I would move (to fl) but I would get so homesick it wouldn't work! I'd have to move my entire family and friends! Don't get my wrong! I LOVE WI! But i'm over the snow! Maybe if we actually had 4 seasons like we are suppose to, Id enjoy it alot more! But I feel like 
winter takes up 7 months out of the year! YUCK!

YUP! Thats our house, AND thats a tree that fell over this winter because of all the damn snow! The fence is demolished now! Super NOT Awesome!
* I'm a shy person until you know me, then you can't get me to shut up

* I have a huge potty mouth and Ive been swearing since I was young! In 5th grade "hooked on phonics" came out! I told everyone I was going to make a "hooked on swearing"! I say 
"What the Fuck" to EVERYTHING! Opps :/

* I LOVE Horror movies! They are my FAVORITE! Go to movie! BUT! I must watch it with 'someone! Or during the daytime, or with all the lights on! And after the movie, I've generally spooked my self that I run past windows and doors! HA! 

* I have an obsession when it comes to planning! Everything must be done! I start party's 6 months out because of how much detail I put into them! I LOVE IT! and have been told by 
several people to start a Party Planning Business!

This is Kal's 3rd Toy Story Party!
The pictures don't do it justice, but you can see.... We don't have little parties here!
I even had army men hanging down from the ceiling and sitting on the mantel (right above where he opened toys)
I also included all three movies by choosing pizza as our lunch and decorating the kitchen like pizza planet(1st movie), and had the playroom decorated with signs from sunnyside daycare (3rd movie)

Happy HUMP Day            X's & O's


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