May 30, 2013

Adams Family Summer Bucket List

YAY! Im so excited to have come across this link up (thanks jaz)! I was going to bring you my bucket list in a post yesterday, but due to the internet coming in and out! I decided to quit writing before I threw the damn router across the room!


Every year I make a summer bucket list! Fun stuff that I want to do with the littles and or the hubby!

This year (thanks to the idea from Kera at Nugget On a Budget) Not only have  I decided to share with you my bucket list on the blog! Im also going to make a page, on the sidebar of my homepage of my bucket list and update it as we complete the activities!

So who's ready for some Summer Time fun?!?! I know I am!

*Night time bowling
*Boating (lots and lots of bowling)
*See a drive in movie
*Enjoy a picnic
*Brewers Bus Trip
*Celebrate turning 25

Glow sticks inside balloons! Hello Backyard Party!
Accomplish 12 projects off pinterest (1 a week)
Throw a pinterst party!
Visit the farmers market
Brewers game with just the hubby
Enjoy a country concert
Bike ride around the lake
Tube down Sugar River
A day with NO media! Buy computers, phones and tv!

*Make bouncy balls
*Enjoy a late night walk
*Go Camping
*Finish A Book!!!!!
*Visit our local Zoo
*Visit the Milwaukee Zoo
*A night full of board games
*Make garden stones
*Find a new playground
*Visit the library once a week

* Make Sidewalk Paint
* Enjoy a trip to Six Flags
*Waterpark (and lots of them)
*Go to the state fair
*See fireworks
*Host a playdate
*Enjoy a day to the beach
*Make a slip & slide
*Catch FireFlies

*Make home made bird feeders!
*Say YES to everything for one day
*Have a water fight
*Donate to charity
*Visit a firestation
*Enjoy chocolate shakes outside
*Have ice cream for dinner
*Make our own pizza, (50's night)
*Enjoy a parade
*Go to a carnival

*Visit the bean in Chicago
*Spend the day at Shed Aquarium (also in Chicago)
*Lazer Tag
*Write a letter
*Go for a night swim
*Wash our cars on our own
*Pajama Day
*See a Water Ski Show
*Enjoy dinner on the patio
*Campout in the BackYard

*Visit House on the Rocks
*Go Bowling
*Bake cookies for a friend
*Make cards and send them
*Make popsicle puzzles
*Have a glo bath
*Enjoy a 5K
*Go to a family reunion

To track our bucket list at home! I will be making card/labels for each activity and taping them to our  ugly garage door!

Once the activity is complete, we pull the label off the door! Write down the date that we completed it, maybe write a fun story on the back of the card and store them in our family 2013 jar!

Im also going to keep a list in the car so that at any dull moment while we are out in about with free time we can have the list and find an activity! 

So Who's READY for Summer?
What's on your bucket list?

Im already daydreaming or the warm weather, late nights, and memories to last a life time! 

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  1. This is a fabulous bucket list for the summer, I'm so glad you made one {and thanks for the shout out}! I might have to steal some of those ideas, like the glow-in-the-dark bowling and make your own bouncy balls. I also want to try to make some things I've pinned on Pinterest. And I love your idea of putting the items on your door and then in the jar when completed.