April 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Kal's Surgery!

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Kal's surgery was this morning and it went great! 

A month ago we were contacted by his speech teacher who had concerns that Kal may have problems hearing! We then contacted his regular doctor who set him up with a hearing test. During the test they found out that his hearing was indeed muffled (to him, it sounds like being under water) due to fluid that has built up behind the ear from not being able to properly drain!
 (which has also caused all his ear infections!) 

So the apt was set for him to get tubes! 

Surgery was at 8:20 this morning! Short! 10 minutes! Thank goodness because I was a nervous wreck in the waiting room! I know its only tubes but you don't know how he will react to you not being there, or being under anesthesia!

The doctor did find a lot of fluid behind the ears and had said that his hearing should become drastically better and that the ear infection should stop! His hearing test is scheduled for a month out! They want to make sure that his hearing is 100% again now that the fluid is out! 

Waking up took him about 45 minutes (they told us to expect 10 minutes)! Most likely because he was already tired, had sleeping meds to calm him (talk about weird and sad to see the little man so out of it) and plus the anesthesia still wearing off! Once awake they gave him a cute sippy full of juice, and some jelly toast, and graham crakers. We waited around 30 minutes to make sure that he kept the food down and his vitals were good, and then were on our way! 

We stopped by to pick up kal's ear drops, and then took him out to breakfast/lunch to dennys! 
Once breakfast was done we picked up Brynnie (from my grandma's) and headed home! 

Kal was greeted with a new Angry Bird (the black one) to add to his collection! He already owns the red an pink one, and 2 star wars pigs! He loves to build towers with his blocks and chuck the birds and pigs at them! Real life Angry Birds ;)
And his new favorite! Iron Man! 

The day has been spent laying around! He is a little crabby and very tired! (So tired him and I took a 3 hour nap) 

Glad that the experience is done, and behind us! Now crossing our fingers that his hearing gets better! 

So how was everyone's Wednesday?

X's & O's


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