April 30, 2013

Weekend Fun!

Whew! What a fun! Relaxing! Weekend! I DIDN'T want to come home!
Brynnie and I went to visit my mom this weekend! (Kal stayed back with the hubs so he could see his cousin Jon who came into town!) She and my dad and two younger sisters Molly (21) & Abby (18) all live together in a beautiful cabin that my dad built about 45 mins away from our home! Not a terrible drive, but not as close as Id like my family to be! Needless to say! It's always relaxing! Plus my little sister's BF Jessica was out visiting! They have been friends for years, so Jessie is like my little sister! Needless to say I knew we would be in for a good time! 

Here's how I was greeted: My youngest sister abby under the table! My mom next to her!
Molly and Jess were on the couches spread out! My mom guessed that my first 3 word would be "What the F*ck" Lets just say she knows her daughter well! ha!

After all our stuff was carried in, Jessica gave us all makeovers! She just started selling MaryKay and wanted to practice on us! I must say I was pretty impressed by the makeup that it stayed on all day (Probably because I use cheap make up NYC) and she had a finishing spray! LOVED that! Can't wait for mine to come! Does anyone else use MaryKay! Im thinking about switching to it! But it's pretty pricey! After the makeup was done, we did Abby's trial run prom hair! Super cute! Super curly! Can't wait to see her next saturday with hair, dress and makeup!

We then ran into town to grab dinner and stop at Walmart & Shopko! This is one of the beautiful building downtown! LOVE it! 

I told you we act a little childish! There was a mermaid! We HAD to take a picture! Sadly she was made of wood and her boob had quite the crack! I was simply trying to patch her back up! 

We grabbed a bite at a local bar! Food was great! Service was TERRIBLE! The waitress was RUDE RUDE RUDE! Then to top it all off! She charged me $3 over! Once I called her back I asked her if she could tell me how she got this total because I added it up and should be $13! she told me in a snotty manner "Ill go get the calculator and show you exactly how I got that" Needless to say she realized she was wrong (of course once my card was ran) and of course in her snotty tone asks me "What would you like to do about that" My jaw dropped! Needless to say she gave me cash back and of course I realized that she shorted me my change after I left! 

My mom decided earlier on she didn't want to drive, so Abby decided to be our chauffeur! Abby has quite the party car! She has neon lights under the seats and a noise box outside the car! Their is some amazing sounds on it! A cow, chicken, sirens, etc! Needless to say we drove around town playing random sounds at people! Our favorite was to play the moo! Because we are so close to the country people totally thought it was a cow! They would look all around! It was great! It also plays an ice cream truck sound! So we pulled up to dairy queen with it playing and told them we needed to stock our truck back up! Amazing!

On the way back to mom's we saw a huge control fire so we stopped to watch! Made friends with the farmers who drove up to us on their gator! They asked us what we were doing out! Abby played her siren sound and told them we were called to the fire! haha!

It was a highly entertaining night and once home we all passed out!

The next day (sunday) was alot more relaxing! Molly worked, Jessica went home and Abby went into town! Leaving just my mom brynn and I! My dad was working outside! 

We enjoyed a nice long nap! I love the weekends! It's the only time I get to nap! 

Played with the kitties! 

Went on a 1.5 mile walk! It was Beautiful outside! 

Stopped to look at the cows! Baby B LOVED them! She's gonna be just like kal! When ever we see "moo moo's" we stop the car and wave to them! I love country living! So Simple!

Night time cuddles! She was so whipped! I guess 2 hours outside will do that to you!

Monday morning came faster then we liked! We packed up our stuff, ate some breakfast worked on this post and headed home! 

Brynnie got her own laptop so that she can blog too ;)

How was everyone's weekend?!

X's & O's


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