October 2, 2012

Blog Hopes

Hello Hello!
Sorry for such the break! Although I have not been able to blog much, not a day has gone by where I wasn't thinking about it! I have been taking the last week to get to know the blog world! Reading others blogs, tips on being a blogger, learning about link ups and blog hops! Its quite a lot for a newbie to take in! I can tell you that i'm absolutely impressed by everything that I have read and have high hopes and great things coming for my readers!
I have set up and will continue to schedule blogs to make sure that you as my readers have something new to read everyday!  I love the idea of the link ups! What a fun way to connect with everyone while sharing a bit of your own flavor!
Please share with me in the comments about what link ups you do and why you love them!!!
Id also love to hear your biggest tip to a new blogger!
Happy Bloggin & tune in tomorrow for a "oh so pinterseting" link up



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