November 13, 2013

It's Okay

Linking up with Kera for "It's Ok Tuesday"
Nugget On A Budget

It's Ok.... That I kinda want to just put down the computer, turn off the light and fall asleep. Because right now, sleep is so important! 

It's Ok.... That I really want to see the documentary "BlackFish" that everyone is talking about. BUT I'm really scared that I will hate Sea World afterwards. and to be honest, I don't want to hate them. I one day would like to take my kids there to enjoy as I did as a little girl! 
(Has anyone seen it, thoughts)

It's Ok.... That I have really lacked on my house "chores" I would MUCH rather make bows, blog or of course spend time with my littles! 

It's Ok.... That I've become a little obsessed with making bows. Learning all the different styles, and selling them. Is really something that I enjoy! I really would like to see my shop "Itty Bitty Diva" succeed. Stay tuned for a blog update on my new adventure. AND I'm taking the first five people who are interested in a FREE BOW in swap for a review!! 

It's Ok.... that I'm really REALLY really, looking forward to black Friday! Hello good deals! 

It's Ok.... that I can't wait for Brynn to get her Christmas gift!! This year, the hubs and I, along with my mom and dad are going to build B a beautiful dress up chest and fill it with LOTS of little dress up outfits off of ETSY! That website is so dangerous! SO dangerous! B is going to love it! 

Are these not adorable?!

What are you saying "It's OK" too?

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