May 21, 2013

Here, and There and Everywhere!

WOW! Just want to take a minute to say THANK YOU! To all the new followers and your sweet comments! I can't wait to start looking at all your blogs and getting to know you all better!!! Thanks again for helping us make the Super Sunday Sync an awesome hop! And thank you to Kera and Dawn for allowing me to be apart of such a wonderful hop!

So lets play a little catchup! This weekend was GREAT!!

Friday after work Alan's aunt was in town for a visit. Her and Alan's mom Cathi came over for dinner and to catch up! It was so nice!! and dinner was so YUMMY! We tried that new pizza from pizza hut with the extra cheesy crust. Yummmmm!

Saturday..Not only did I get up early (which NEVER, ever happens.... I LOVE my sleep) But I got up early to workout! (For those of you who don't know, I've joined a fitness challenge that starts the first week of June) Ten minutes into I seriously thought I was going to die! It sucked! When the hell did I get so out of shape?? After 45 minutes, I completed the workout, showered, and got the kiddos and I out the door so that I could get to work!
After work, I met up with my mom, sisters, and cousins to do some neighborhood garage sales! I scored some GREAT deals!! Like this laugh and learn kitchen for $6!!!! and awesome baby girl clothes for .25 (the mom had triplets)

Saturday Night all the family was gathered together at my aunts! At about 8pm we took off to our local airport where my grandpa was being honored on "The Badger Honor Flight"

Here's a snipit about the Honor Flight from their website

Badger Honor Flight is a regional affiliate of the national Honor Flight Network. The purpose of the Honor Flight Network is to ensure that WWII and terminally ill veterans from any war have the opportunity to see the memorials that have been erected in their honor. The Honor Flight Network provides all amenities to the veterans, including all transportation, meals and lodging. Everything is free to the veterans because of how much they have sacrificed for this great country already. The only money veterans need is if they want to buy a souvenir for themselves.

Veterans have to be nominated by someone! An awesome friend of my Grandpa took it upon herself to nominate him! And to our surprise he was selected! It really is an awesome experience to take them out there and to honor them! They also ask the family and friends to write and gather letters! On the flight home the Veterans are surprised with this "mail call" its one of their favorite parts of the trip! They also ask that all the family comes to welcome them home from the airport! (Of course they ask for it to be kept a secret) SERIOUSLY Best Surprise ever! To watch them react to seeing an airport full of love and support! Most Veterans had tears! Truly an amazing experience to be apart of! 

Here's some pictures from his time out in D.C!
The girl with him... her name is Sara! She is the one who nominated him for this Amazing Experience! 

Here is all 100 Veterans that were flown out on the May 18th trip!
(My grandpa is the first one on the left in the wheel chair. Green shirt)

Here's the airport! They had an aisle blocked off for the Veterans to walk down! 

They had lots of people to keep us entertained while we waited for the plane to come in and land! 

We had a great turnout for my grandpa!! We personally had about 21 people there to welcome him home! Here we are waiting with our signs! 
1st Photo: Brynn with the American Flag that was painted with her hands and feet!
2nd Photo: Kalen's sign (of course the stinker didn't want to hold it) The eagles were made with his handprints!
3rd Photo: Was the sign that I held! The Veterans loved it, and were very appreciative of it! 
4th Photo: My cousin announced to my family that her and her hubby are expecting their first baby! 
So excited for her! We were each other's MOH in our Wedding's! I'm crossing my fingers that she is having a girl, so her and Brynn can grow up to be best friends!

The littles were so good at waiting! and They both loved waving their flags! 

Bucky Badger stopped by to say HI! Little Miss B, HATED it! She wanted nothing to do with him!!! The second photo is of her looking over my mom's shoulders to make sure he kept walking away! It was so cute! She watched him for about 5 minutes....Until he was literally out of site!

They kept us very up to date on the status of the plane and the veterans! 
I wasn't able to get a picture of the first sign that said "plane due in, in 15 mins"

My lovely nannie waiting to welcome home papa! While all the veterans were walking in she made a comment to Janelle and I that "they got some very good looking men" Janelle laughed and said "ok Grandma" My mom turned to Janelle and said, she isn't talking about the Veterans... she's talking about the young things! (they had current military escort them) Janelle laughed and asked Nannie if it was true! She shook her head and said "of course" Silly Nannie! She is an Awesome "old lady"

Here comes my PAPA!!!!! Yeah! My sister, cousin and I were a disaster! WE could not stop crying! 
It was truly an emotional, heart warming event! 

My mom, sisters and I all greeted papa with our "Ugly Socks" He hates when we have on anything that aren't white!!!

Brynn and I with Nana and Papa! (Kal and Alan left about 930pm. Kalen was having a hard time with such a long day, so many people at the airport and being past bedtime) We were welcoming papa home until about 1045 pm! It went late but it was well worth it to thank all the veterans!
 Plus the time went so fast!

Papa with all this signs :)

Sunday! Was just as busy of a day! Started out the morning with both kiddos! (Alan has been working weekends) We did some running around and shopping! Can I say... lesson learn! I will NEVER again birthday shop for another kid with Kal! He of course thought everything was for and didn't understand why we would purchase something for someone else! (YES Kal did end up with a superheros ball, i am that mom) I needed to get thru the store somehow! 

I dropped off Kal with his Grandma so that he could nap and Brynnie and I headed to my Best Friends Baby Shower!! 

The diaper cake I made waldey! This was "Brynnies gift" to her little BFFF! The tutu (that I of course made) held all the diapers together! and the Ladybug pillow pet laid on top! Waldey and I both LOVE Ladybugs! So it was a no brainer! Plus I bought a matching one for Brynnie! 

I then headed home to switch Kiddos with Alan (who had picked up kal from his mom's after work)
And we headed over to our friend Jazz's house to celebrate her son Landon turning 2!

1st Picture: Do they look familiar? That's because that's Jazzy who blogs over at Sassy Brunette 
We are IRL friends! Love her and her kiddos so much!!
2nd Picture: Sadly all the boys decided they would play in the mud piles from the rain showers earlier in the day! Needless to say they all washed off in the pool!!! 
3rd Picture: Kal loved all their cars! He was pretty sad when they were all "dead"

Lando loved his gift! We choose a Super Hero lawn chair and a spiderman sprinkler! 

It was safe to say it was a great day! And Kal had the joy of riding home in a pull up (thanks to Jazz) because all his clothes and shoes were SOAKED in mud!! I guess the sayings true "Boys will be Boys" Oh well, let them make memories!

So how was everyone's weekend? Was it as eventful as ours?

X's & O's


  1. You are one very busy busy mommy!!! So happy to hear you got a workout in between all that! Congrats to Papa!!! That is a BIG milestone!!! He deserves it!!!
    Happy TUesday

  2. lol lord... the boys we're all messy!!! hahaha thanks for coming!!!