February 6, 2013

Home Videos

Hey loves! This week starts my blurb blogs! I've found that I can't quite keep up with my blog the way I'd like so I've now devoted Sundays to schedule out my posts and in-between Ill have my blurb blogs! A quick blurb about what were doing and what's going on!
So on with the first blurb blog....
Home Videos!
Today is my day off! So with the afternoon free we decided to watch a movie! Once I opened the movie case my idea quickly changed to home movies ;) it was a hit! We watched some from our wedding, being pregnant and our life before kids! Kal thoroughly enjoyed it, smiled and laughed and loved picking out the people he knew :) it truly has made me realize how blessed I'am! It's fun to see how far I've come and how well I'm doing! I'm thankful and blessed for every family and friend and I have! And i couldn't help feel overwhelmed sharing all this with my little guy!
On another note it has really made me realize that I want to continue on with the home videos so we can continue to look back on them <3

Happy Hump Day


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